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Bike Riding in the City

Updated on May 6, 2020
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Every day is a new day and there are always issues that are interesting to people who would like to read more about real-life subjects.

Riding Different Types of Bikes

When I was outdoors with my friends there was always at least one friend riding a bike. I didn’t have a bike of my own, but my friends would let me ride if I wanted to. At the time in the 1980s in Brooklyn, New York was fun times outdoors. The young people were riding BMX bikes, motorbikes, and 10-speed bikes. A lot of the youths had one, especially the boys and they didn’t mind if I wanted to ride on their bikes every day.

Usually, one of my friends had at least one brother who would have a BMX bike or a motorbike or a 10-speed bike. Many of them had a motorbike and it was always noisy in the neighborhood. Either they’ll ride their bikes or the motorbike, but it depends on what they wanted to do for the day and many young men had both. Also, if I was bored and just standing around, one of them would ask me if I wanted a ride on the back of the motorbike in the schoolyard. The schoolyard had a lot of space and they would ride around the neighborhood too.

If I was on a bike with a neighborhood friend, I would sit on the back seat meanwhile the rider was standing the entire time riding and peddling fast around the neighborhood streets. Also, my brother had friends who had bikes, and I would have a good time riding with them or by myself, but I would always ask for a ride and they never refused. If they were around and if I saw their BMX bikes or ten speeds bikes on the kickstand not being used. I would always ask because I was just naturally respectful of other people’s things. I had no idea if I was ever going to get one of my own because I had a big family who had other priorities.

Riding a Bike Everyday

Usually, I would say to another friend, can I borrow your bike? I’ll be right back; I’m not going anywhere with the bike. I’m just going to ride around the neighborhood for a little while, Ok? Then a neighborhood friend would say, sure I don’t mind, just come back with it before I go home to eat at dinner time. I see you all the time and I know you’re coming back on my bike. Anyway, after a while, that’s all I wanted to do after school and the weekend if my friends were around.

However, I loved riding BMX bikes, 10-speed bikes the most, I just loved the fast bikes. I enjoyed the adrenaline rush when I was riding fast, and moving quickly without stopping. Still, I had the skills to maneuver around anyone, I would ride by quickly before a vehicle would come closer. Although there is always a chance of getting hit by a vehicle.

Furthermore, over the years after moving away from Brooklyn, New York. I finished school and years later I began having a family. So, I didn’t ride a bike until I wanted to teach my kids how to ride a bike. As years passed, they were growing up and they were interested to learn how to ride a bike too. They’ll learn at a neighborhood park that had a lot of space. I wasn’t ready for my kids to ride in the streets or on the sidewalks. I preferred for them to ride around wide-open spaces. It was important for me to teach them to know the rules of the road. I would show them that the road can be dangerous if not having skills on a bike. They were eager to learn what was important to be safe on the street.

Bike Riding Safety

Therefore, they must always understand that safety comes first when riding a bike outdoors. Now, that their older their professionals at riding a bike. They didn’t forget what they learned when they were growing up. They enjoy riding in their free time just like I still do. I think riding a bike is a great stress reliever and riding is good exercise too. Whenever I have a lot of energy, I would ride my mountain bike outdoors.

Although I don’t ride as much as used to, I want to ride my new mountain bike through the city of Boston more often. I want to ride fast to enjoy the outdoor breeze while I'm riding. It’s a lot of fun and the excitement to ride is gratifying for anyone who enjoys the adrenaline rush when riding a bike, a motorcycle, moped or a motor scooter. Also, bike riders would just focus on the road because they know it is crucial. After all, it’s easy to get into an accident if riding carelessly.

Even though riding has a sense of freedom that only riders will know. Wearing a helmet is necessary too because when I was growing up. I would see my friends doing dangerous stunts on their bikes and motorbikes. They’ll do the stunts and doing a wheelie all the time without a helmet on was being reckless in the street. Luckily, they weren’t in any accidents in the street, because they seem to know what they were doing. Still, just getting on a bike is what I love to do when having some time to exercise outdoors.

Bike Riding Skills

There aren’t many cars, trucks, and buses on the road right now. There is so much space to ride at a good speed without worrying about people waiting in traffic. Bike riders would have skills to maneuver around the cars and people on the sidewalks. People know when to move to the side to let the bikers go by. Just to go fast without consistently looking back often is a sense of freedom. Still, it’s important to look left and right and paying attention to blind spots is important too.

Besides, many people who aren’t responsible when driving on the road can be a problem sometimes. So, an extremely good bike rider must keep up their riding skills because people don’t always make the best judgment when being on the road. Many people who drive out of control don't always see a biker riding. Besides, bikers are observant of irresponsible behaviors on the road and maneuvering skills can get a rider out of danger right away.

Furthermore, after riding for the day, I’ll get off the bike and I will begin to walk with the bike by my side to give my legs and rear end a break. Until I feel comfortable getting back on again to ride the bike home. However, after getting home I will need to stretch before and after if deciding to ride every day because it’s necessary. Sometimes I would get a charley horse if I didn’t stretch, so I don’t over exhaust myself when I ride now.

Stretching before Exercising

Still, I recommend riding a bike if you need some me-time. If deciding to ride with someone at distance is alright too, but just remember to stretch. Besides, stretching every day before starting a long day is important if going to do other exercise routines.

Such as running, walking, lifting weights, aerobics or playing ball, etc. People who exercise all the time know that their bodies will feel differently if not stretching as usual. Doing so is a must to do every day even if not planning on exercising.

People who have become immobile need to stretch after sitting too much or driving for a long time. If not making a habit to stretch it will be difficult to move after a while. Not being mobile can cause additional issues that could've been avoidable. Speak to your doctor before starting any new exercise routine.

Therefore, just keeping busy to move often when the body needs it. It's crucial and having different exercise routines can be exciting to do something different if getting bored with the same exercise routine.

Besides, walking is one of the best ways to get exercise too if not wanting to do anything strenuous. Overall, exercise can make a person feel better when having a stressful day or not.

© 2020 Jacqueline L Smith


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