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Bugatti Veyron VS Ferrari P4/5

Updated on May 20, 2013

Bugatti VS Ferrari

Bugatti VS Ferrari
Bugatti VS Ferrari

Getting Started

So many reasons, so little time. Bugatti is faster, prettier and more expensive than a Ferrari P4/5. The Bugatti has 1,000 horsepower while Ferrari is 660. That makes a race between the two hands down in Veyron’s favor.

Yeah! I am Biased, So?

Now Ferrari may be better known, but the Veyron can surpass in most all aspects. Personally, I think the Bugatti is much prettier, more curves than the Ferrari. The Bugatti will follow every move you make at any speed. The best part is that The Bugatti handles well in city traffic and purrs on country roads. Ferrari was made for racing, first and foremost. City driving is just not comfortable for this little demon, open road is where it soars. The P4/5 is the epitome of retro. With their new vehicle Ferrari has gone back to the look of their classic curvy look, but still not as curvy as the Veyron.


Safety is a little harder to compare. Ferrari has high tech sensors to anticipate the drivers every action, the Bugatti is made for safety. The frame is created from magnesium, carbon, stainless steel, and aluminum, for strength and air bags to catch you. Air bags in a car that goes that fast almost seems funny, but when you spend the money you do on the Bugatti, you want to be able to walk away from any fender-bender.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency lands Ferrari better with 17.1 mpg and Bugatti 8 in city, 14 on the highway. Taking this into consideration, the Ferrari would be better to have, but with the Bugatti, you have the capability of handling inner-city driving. Neither of these vehicle will be found in the average garage, but if you can afford them; why not?

He He ... Price?

Now we need to talk about price tags. Both Bugatti and Ferrari may be the epitome of luxury, elegance, style and devoted passion, the average person will not be able to afford them. Bugatti is around 1.5 million, Ferrari in the neighborhood of $190 to $400 thousand, more than most homes and no bathroom included. Dreams cost money, but if one of these cars belongs in your garage, you need more than a dream.

Bottom Line

Neither will be at home in the parking lot of your nearest grocery store or mall. They will not be able to bring those groceries home either. You really can’t transport more than yourself and a passenger in either vehicle. Date night would be fun if you go somewhere that has a valet, but don’t try the drive-in.

But to be honest if you are planning on either of these vehicles, then you have the money and the dream. Now if we are talking about speed, the Bugatti has that hands-down. If we talk about fuel efficiency with speed, than Ferrari will be the right choice because Bugatti may be faster, but mpg will cost more. Safety is a wash; they both have positive aspects for safety. Looks, well if you like curves then choose Bugatti, aerodynamics then Ferrari is your idea of beauty. Either one will give you what you are paying for.


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