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Business Idea #4: Old Skool Rides

Updated on April 29, 2011

Old Skool is currently parked and awaiting it's future owner to find it and create the best business with it. It's a domain name that needs a business! What would you do with it?

My first business idea for this domain is an obvious one; Classic and Custom Cars!

Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Classic Domestic, Classic Foreign, Antique Cars and all the parts and accessories to go with them. You would be amazed, but there are still plenty of big spenders in this market, even with the poor economy. Not to mention, there is very little competition out there at the moment, which gives you a chance to make your fame as a high traffic classic car domain.

Pimp Those Rides!

Zero in on the youth market and offer some custom accessories and car parts for those that need to give their ride some bling.

You could offer spoked rims, spinners, car audio, vehicle security, in-dash TV's, xbox's, drop downs, upholstery, bolt on vertical doors, woofers, speaker boxes and everything else under the sun. There is very little limit here, and in this industry, you could easily get started with a low over head.

Classic Car Show

Have you always wanted to host a classic car show in your neighborhood? This would be the perfect domain name for such a purpose.

You could invite all the other gearheads in your locale to come down and have a day of fun showing off their precious babies and beasty beauties.

Find Your Classic

It's not always easy to find that perfect classic car, especially if you are searching for one that is in your area. The average buyer doesn't want to ship a car over that they can physically inspect first. So why not offer them a website that hosts various regions and the classic and custom cars that are available in those areas?

You could make some decent affiliate money from a site with this theme, as well as being able to post your classic and custom cars out there for interested buyers.

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