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Buy Diesel Tuning Box for Increased Power and Torque for Cars

Updated on November 13, 2010

New diesel performance modification device as the name suggests is a tuning box for diesel vehicles with the new age state-of--art common rail technology to feed injectors. The basic function of a tuning box is to improve torque and power while increasing fuel efficiency at the same time. A diesel tuning box is a small device which is of a CD cover size in most of the cases and fits in between the cars ECU and the injection system using original equipment connectors. The data sent to injection system is managed by ECU and varies due to engine speed, load factors, etc. In simple words, the diesel tuning unit converts amount of diesel per injection pulse thereby providing superior combustion cycle resulting in more torque and power and superior performance, faster 0 to 100 speed, smooth running, and safe overtaking eliminating any turbo lag and decreasing the need to downshift. Diesel tuning box increases bhp and torque figure to a substantial margin. In most of the cases, you can expect around 20% increase in both. This newly released torque also turns into better fuel efficiency. This is because the vehicle is able to pull itself much easier from low revs in a higher gear resulting in less gear changes and throttle for the same conditions. This also improves overall drivability of vehicle.

A diesel tuning box is very different from chip tuning or remapping, as it does not interfere with the original ECU of the vehicle and no physical modification is required. Though it also cannot match the sheer upgrade of full scale remapping where scope for increase in BHP and torque is enormous, it has its own advantages too as compared to remapping.

A diesel tuning box is a portable device which you can install or remove yourself within 15 to 20 minutes, so while going to a service center to get your car serviced, you can remove this device and protect your vehicle warranty. It is impossible to trace that you ever installed it in your car and when you come back after the service, you can re install it again. This is not possible with remapping which cannot be altered by you and hence it can be traced at the time of service. It also has better fuel efficiency as its focus is to provide a balance of power and fuel efficiency whereas remapping’s sole purpose is to pump up the power dramatically. A diesel tuning box is also cheaper to buy compared to remapping. A diesel tuning box also has switchable modes like original, step 1 and step 2 so you can control the thrust and power. In original setting, the car will be on the same tuning state as tuned by manufacturer and then you can increase the power by 2 other modes. As being a removable device, whenever you don't feel to continue with this device or selling off car, you can remove it and sell the car just like a normal one.

Pete's Diesel Tuning Box
Pete's Diesel Tuning Box | Source

There are lots of diesel tuning box manufacturers in the world and some of the reputed brands are Pete’s (manufactured by PSI of Belgium), Tuning Box, Synergy Tuning Box, DTK Tuning Box and DPT, though in India, only 2 to 3 brands are available namely Pete's tuning box, performance chipping. Pete's tuning box is the most popular one and is available from 18000 INR to 40000 INR depending on the vehicle application.

If you are an enthusiast who wants the sheer thrill of more power and torque, but don’t have the money for remapping or don’t want to do any physical modification to the car, this is the device for you. Enjoy.

For those who believe only in figures than claims, below are the details of increase in torque in a few vehicles. Remember, these figures are the guaranteed minimum and you can expect an increase of another 2 to 5 BHP depending on the vehicle. Even the same brand of vehicle can have a difference of 2 to 5 bhp as these engines are not handmade like Ferrari/Lamborghini, so the precision level and tolerances are different in every vehicle so it may differ but below mentioned figures are the bare minimum you will achieve.

Vehicle Original BHP                New BHP        Original Torque            New Torque

Swift 1.3 DDIS            75                    92                    190 nm             215 nm

Fiat Linea                     90                    102                  200 nm             220 nm

Accent CRDI               82                    98                    184 nm             219 nm

Verna CRDI                 110                  130                  235 nm             270 nm

i20 CRDI                     90                    105                  220 nm             255 nm

Fiesta 1.4 TDCI           68                    82                    160 nm             190 nm

Scorpio 2.2 Mhawk     120                  140                  290 nm             340 nm

Innova 2.5 D                102                  126                  200 nm             255 nm

Octavia 1.9 PD            90                    110                  210 nm             248 nm

Laura 1.9 PD               105                  129                  250 nm             300 nm

 As the remapped fueling increases the torque at all the RPM, so you don’t feel the lack of power before the turbo kicks in. Like in swift diesel which has an FGT, the turbo kicks in at 2000 RPM, below that you will experience some turbo lag (lack of power), so this increased torque eliminates that feeling of low power as you have increased torque from lower RPM so the drivability improves and you need not to downshift also while overtaking. Once the turbo kicks in, then it is already a hoot to drive. The tuning box improves two things:

  1. The power and torque figure before turbo starts spooling.
  2. And it helps the engine to attain higher RPM and stay there so the power does not go off at top band as it happens commonly with diesel engine cars.


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    • profile image

      passionate 5 years ago


      if the tuning box is so good and the cost is also reasonable, why dont the Vehicle OEMs offer it directly?

    • profile image

      antony 5 years ago

      your contact number

    • profile image

      Car Tuning 6 years ago

      Excellent detailed hub,

      This is a very interesting read and addresses that if people do their research, they can apply the diesel box to increase the power, torque and fuel effectiveness without any physical 'tampering' of the ECU. Although remaps in my experience are safe (providing you take it to the right place) people may prefer the diesel box as a safer option.