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Build a Dune Buggy - Where to Buy Cheap Dune Buggy Parts

Updated on November 7, 2011

Building a Dune Buggy

Whether you're building your dune buggy from scratch or from a starting point, you'll still need the best parts at the best prices that you can find. You're already in for spending at least $3,000 at bare minimum in parts, and that's going the cheap way (well, you could go cheaper, but your dune buggy won't look so great and probably won't run as smooth).

When buying the parts, you want to make sure that you get top of the line parts for a discount price, or at least for the best price that you can find available. You want your buggy to run and look good. You want to be the envy of town because when you're riding your dune buggy, you're going to look good.

Dune buggy are great for the beach or just around town, so don't think you'll never ride it about. It's a great conversation starter, and it's a great recreational vehicle.

Check out the following places to find the best prices on rail buggy frames, parts, and accessories, so that when you're building your sand buggy, you'll get the best parts for the best price.

Buy a Dune Buggy Frame

If you're trying to find a pre-built frame, you can check eBay for cheap railbuggy frames. Sometimes you can find local dune buggy frames. You may need to do a little work on these used frames, but they're going to be cheap, and you'll have a starting place. Remember that with chassis that are already put together, you may have to go back through to sand down old welds and re-weld them.

Otherwise, if you're trying to find the pipes and instructions to start from scratch, you will want to check out online sellers for dune buggy frame kits.

Just remember that if you opt to make your own frame, it's a good idea that you have a welding machine and the experience at using it. You'll find that most people who decide to weld their own dune buggy chassis, the welding is no good. The welds are bumpy, and when you want to show off, you want your dune buggy to look good, as well as run good. If you don't have the necessary skills for proper welds, try to find someone who does.

Cheap Parts for a Dune Buggy

When building a dune buggy, I found that the best places are the cheap places. Granted it took some work to getting everything purchased at the best prices, but it is possible. Some people prefer to purchase everything from one company, which is easier, but it's not always the cheapest method. So, where you buy your parts, will really be up to you. Below, you'll find were I found the cheapest parts.

  • Apple Tree Automotive- steering wheel, steering shaft, brake pedals, motor trim, all chrome accessories
  • Charco- Brakes
  • Discount Tires- Rims
  • Summit- Racing bucket seats, seat covers
  • Texas Air Cool Parts- Motor

eBay is always a good place to find parts and accessories because you'll find that there are many sellers offering the same thing. When the supply is high, generally the prices are low. If found eBay had the best prices for lights, the gas tank, and a few other accessories.

When it comes to wheels, Wal*Mart is a place to start, as is a tractor and supply store.


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    • profile image

      martinkono 7 years ago

      My father was a race driver, but he got an accident. Now we can build our own vehicle. Great, at last I will get all parts. I will order them right away. Thank you very much.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      I never knew these parts are available on Ebay. Thank you.