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Buy Snap-On Tools Online

Updated on July 17, 2012

Snap-on Tools

Snap-On Tools

Snap-on tools are at the heart of quality workmanship and have been for many many years, they are renowned as the best of the best and as such all their tools come with a lifetime guarantee which goes to show just how good they are. Being a vehicle mechanic I have a snap-on tool van which comes around to my work but like most of you interested in these great tools you will know they carry a hefty price tag simply because of their build quality, I choose to buy my snap-on tools online because of the fact that I can usually get what I need just as quick and more often than not a lot cheaper. EBay is usually the best place to find such tools as there is always mechanics losing faith and quiting their jobs or apprentices deciding after buying tools that it is not for them, Online purchasing is the way forward for snap-on tools.


The single tool you will use the most throughout your career or personal use is the ratchet, When combined with a socket of your choice these tools become invaluable and you will use them every day no matter what position you hold in the workshop, Snap-on do a full range of ratchets of all different sizes and with different uses such as long ratchets and also flexi head ratchets for getting to those hard to reach areas, my favourite are the long soft grip ratchets for extra torque on those stubborn bolts. A long soft grip 3/8 ratchet is the one you will use the most and with a lifetime guarantee you cant really go wrong.


Now come on, who is not going to use a spanner/Wrench at some point in their life, I use one daily but I know people who are not vehicle mechanics and still use a spanner weekly, if like me you treat them badly, IE hitting them with hammers to get the bolt to move or putting bars over them for extra torque then you know you need a spanner that is virtually indestructible and that will be the snap-on range of spanners. They come in all shapes and sizes so buy whatever one you need for the job, If money is a bit tight and you are buying second hand then think about the Euro branded spanners as these are Snap-Ons budget range and come with a brushed finish. Although cheaper they are made from the same material so are just as durable.


Now sockets along with your ratchet are the tools that are going to be used every day and usually get quite rough treatment from being dropped to being used on air guns when they really shouldn't be, either way you will always need a wide variety of sockets in an array of sizes and fitments. Buying these from snap-on can work out to be quite expensive when some sockets can be well into double figures, buying online can definitely save you money here. I would suggest a good range of shallow and deep sockets in a 3/8 and 1/2 inch size, these will get you out of the stickiest situations. Try and buy a set as oppose to buying single sockets as this will add up to quite a fee.


Next up is snap-on's brilliant range of super strong screwdrivers, now while they don't recommend using a hammer to hit them with, you can do just that because that's just how strong these bad boys are, available in a wide range of colours and including soft grip handles these screwdriver's really are second to none. A set of normal screwdrivers comes with 6 in a pack and will cost the earth if you buy them direct as I found out, To tell you the truth I don't use the the two small ones or the big Flat blade one so you may be better off buying these singularly and getting what you need for the jobs you do.


Of course you are going to need somewhere to put all these tools and snap-on do some of the most sought after toolboxes in the world, with thousands of designs and custom paint jobs they really are the best money can buy, as every year goes by they bring out new ones with new innovations in drawer technology and locking abilities to keep your tools ultra safe. Of course they are expensive but on eBay you can usually find them for half the price. Do not be tempted to go for the biggest box you can afford, go for a box that will fit all your tools in and then leave a little room for growth. Your be surprised what you can fit in a Snap-On box.


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    • profile image

      joe desylvester 7 years ago

      bought snap-on for many years,two days ago changeing a tire and used !5"x1/2" breaker bar,to my surprize drive uhit twists right off on lug bolt which was tprqued to 100#ft.lbs.sso no one at seara whants to write up defect.going to cobalt from now on or MAC.........