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Benefits of Buying Tires Online

Updated on May 30, 2011

Is it cheaper to buy tires online?

Imagine this scenario: the weather is changing and you realize that the tries on your vehicle may not make it through another season.

You realize that you need new tires for your car or truck, but when you walk into a retailer your eyes almost pop out of your head when you look at the price tags. Unfortunately, tires can be very expensive.

Nevertheless, most consumers fail to realize that buying tires online can save them a lot of money!

Did you know that there are wholesalers all over the world that offer tired online at a fraction of the retail cost?

Instead of emptying your wallet or pocketbook on your next visit to a department store or mechanic, take advantage of online tire sales and keep that extra money in your pocket.

Why are tires sold online at clearance prices? These types of sales are usually conducted to clear out seasonal tires and make room for new inventory. In other words, start shopping online for tires this summer if you want to buy winter tires for a fraction of the retail value.

Make sure that you purchase high-quality tires online. This will guarantee your safety and eliminate any trepidations you may have about buying tires on the internet.Prior to searching for reasonably priced tires online, there are a few things vehicle owners should do to take precaution:

  • Prior to ordering tires, make sure you have the size of your tires.
  • Write down the size, model number, and manufacturer of your current tires.
  • If you have a preference for a specific manufacturer, only search for that make of tire.

Some customers replace all four tires for half the price they originally paid when they shop online. That's just another reason why shopping online is so appealing.

You may wonder buying tires on the internet is so much cheaper than your local tire shop. Well, think about it. When you walk into a tire retailer, you're immediately going to be charged an overhead cost.

Your local retailer may be convenient when you need a tire immediately, but you're paying high prices to keep these companies in business: rent, employees and all of the utilities that keep the establishment running. That's where your money's going! Not into the expensive tires you put on your car. That's the difference between purchasing a set of tires locally and buying them online.


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    • profile image

      Tire Buyer 8 years ago

      I never thought about buying tires online before until a friend told me about I bought the Goodyear tires I was looking for and had them installed within 24 hours at a local dealer I picked. The best part I didn't have to do anything after I ordered the tires, the dealer I picked to do the installation even called me within minutes after my order to schedule the appointment. 5 stars...