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Can You Love A Car?

Updated on October 15, 2010

Inside of the box!

I don't believe you can really love a car but if you could, this car would be my match. The Element is an automobile, a truck, a camper, and fishing buddy. I always thought these cars looked like a box with wheels and were a designer's joke on the buying public. I was so wrong. This little box is just a great all-around means of transportation. In no way a joke, the inside is engineered to perform so many functions and being mated with a four cylinder engine for good fuel mileage it has exceeded my every expectation.

First, of the more relevant features, the boxy shape may not be eye appealing but it does allow for a huge amount of cargo space and with seating that folds down, folds up and away from the floor, and can also be removed.... well the carry options are nearly unlimited. Add a roof rack and rack accessories, which I don't have, and you add another dimension to the cargo function; from kayaks to bicycles or lumber. Second, while not the most comfortable, the seats are adequate and easily accommodate four people. The stadium style rear chairs give a better than average view of the road providing a real boost to the backseat drivers that we all know. All the seats completely recline to form a huge comfy-napping area and Honda even makes a set of privacy curtains useful for the occasional rest-stop nooky, but you can tell your neighbors the curtains are for camping. Third, the upholstery and floor: the upholstery, which has been improved since my purchase, is coming apart at the seams and is not the quality I expected from Honda but is functional in that it is waterproof and easily cleaned. The flooring is a composite material similar to flooring used in heavy traffic and non-skid walkways. NO carpet. This floor is very pet friendly and can literally be washed out. Fourth, the operating controls are simple, functional, and quite ergonomic. The a/c is super, as I can attest living in the humid gulf coast area and the outer dimensions of the car make it easy to maneuver and park. Last you can buy a new one for less than $20k. There is nothing comparably priced.

Overall, its one of those cars you expect to "run the wheels off" before retiring it to a life of extra-just-in-case-car. Its not for the big family admittedly but if you drive a lot, in or out of town, carry stuff, make deliveries, have pets, operate a home business, do outdoorsy activities, or all these things, then you might want to find an element of love like mine. At least that's my opinion.


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  • burning bush profile image

    burning bush 6 years ago

    SunGirl - So grateful for your words. Flattery most welcome. Thanks

  • Sun-Girl profile image

    Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

    Funny hub but i love this work so much.

  • epigramman profile image

    epigramman 7 years ago

    can you love a car - as much as I love your hubs? No!