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Car Battery Keeps Going Flat? - Try a Solar Charger

Updated on August 17, 2009

When does your car battery go flat?

 Right when you don't need it to.

A flat car battery is one of the most frustrating things to deal with. If you are in the city you always hope for a good samaritan to give you a jump start. Outside the city, you are probably on your own.

A flat battery is more likely to occur in vehicles used infrequently. Car, boat, tractor. If it relies on a battery, the risk is there.

Why did the battery go flat?

 All batteries gradually lose their charge over time when idle. The rate of loss increases as the ambient temperature increases.

Without frequent recharging, a battery can quickly fall to the level where it will no longer function. If it continues to lose its charge it can suffer permanent damage as a chemical reaction known as Sulphation occurs.

This poses a real problem for those infrequently usung their car or boat.

The Car and Boat Battery Solution

 A Solar Charger can continually top up your battery without requiring you to be present. Once the unit is set up there are no ongoing costs and no more frustrating wasted days.

One of the common questions asked of solar chargers is "Won't it overcharge the battery if it is continually charging?"

This is not the case for any charger rated at less than 10 Watts when used on a typical car battery. They prevent the loss of charge and keep the battery topped up without going too far.

Chargers are now much more convenient to use with most models plugging into the car's cigarette lighter while still offering the option of direct battery terminal connection.

As solar technology becomes more commonplace, the price of charging units has come down. For around $50 or less you can get a "set and forget" charger to make sure your vehicle is ready to go whenever you are.

5 Watt Solar Charger

This powerful little unit is a little over one square foot.

It can be used to maintain your batteries charge during long periods of inactivity or to prevent the battery being drained when it is used to power other items like electronics or pumps.

Weighing in at 4 pounds this panel will make sure you don't get caught short.

Sunforce 1.8 Watt Dashboard Twin Pack Solar Battery Maintainer

Solar Car / Boat Battery Maintainer - 1.8 Watts

Specifically designed for the dashboard, these panels come with suction cups for easy mounting.

Again with cigarette lighter or direct battery connection, these little panels work even on cloudy days.

A green solution to a very annoying problem.

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How can the sun charge a car battery?


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    • profile image

      Lorenzo 3 years ago

      The only way to get anywhere close to a fair esaimtte is to actually call up a solar installer in your area, and get a free quote. The price depends vastly on your energy usage, and your location. Two houses can be neighbors, and one can use 20 times as much electricity.Solar hot water costs $4-6k, after which you may get some rebates or credits.Solar electricity costs $6k and up, after which you may get rebates or credits. A typical system, if there is such a thing, is several times that size, and it is not unheard of to have a system 20 times that large.

    • profile image

      Pokey 3 years ago

      This is crtasyl clear. Thanks for taking the time!

    • profile image

      mitzi326 7 years ago

      Yeah, it will be something incredible. And that i love how efficient solar panels have gotten, including the ultra thin, flexible solar panels. We would love for solar power to be a better solution. The truth is, our energy is some sort of power in the sun, such as oil.

    • arthriticknee profile image

      arthriticknee 8 years ago

      this is exactly what I need!