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Car Cleaning Tips - How to clean your car and save money?

Updated on June 18, 2011
Turtle wax car polish
Turtle wax car polish

How I clean my car’s exteriors and interiors avoiding scratches?

i car lovers,

I drive my car 80 to 90 kilometers per day and clean it daily with a feather stick daily and with shampoo and wax polish on a twice-weekly basis.

Here are some tips on how to clean your car exterior without scratches.

  1. Wash your car using a duster soaked in plain water or car shampoo (Waxpol or Formula 1 car and bike polish).
  2. Then dry it off with a clean dry cloth.
  3. To give a mirror shine, use Formula 1 hard wax polish once a week (though I do it twice a week).
  4. Wash like this twice a week and other days, just wipe the dust using the feather stick before starting the day. The wax would not let the dust settle on the body of the car. I am doing this now for a couple of months and I have got good results. You can also try it.

What is the cost of Formula 1 wax?

Waxpol is one of the best in the market and is completely harmless. It is cheap (approximately 200 INR/-) and readily available in the market.

How to apply Formula 1 wax on my car?

A sponge comes with the Formula 1 wax pack. Just moist the sponge and apply the wax all over the metallic body (do not apply on the plastic parts, let it haze for a moment and then take a clean piece of cloth and rub the body in a circular motion. The body will become smooth and slippery and shiny and as a result, water would not stay on the body and dust would not settle. Formula 1 wax never messes up with the paint. Formula 1 wax is made in USA and is suitable for all types of cars.

For more details visit this link:

How to remove minor scratches from the car's exterior?

Besides Formula 1, give 3 or more layers of Teflon coating which will make the car's surface very glazy, almost like a mirror (provided the finishing of the coating is good). If you take your time in applying wax, surely it will help in removing the scratches. When you wax, try to focus on an area than to do the whole car at a time.

I visited a car accessories outlet a few days back to get my car waxed. I was quoted 800 INR for exteriors and 1500 INR for both interiors and exteriors.

After coming back home, I thought that why should I pay so much money to the interior waxing man. To "wax" the interior, there is one liquid-wax-spray available from Turtle wax. I do that on my car and it shines the interiors like anything. It is available in India too. It takes around 15 minutes to do it completely.

If you are using rubber mats, use "Son of a Gun" Protectant's unique polymer silicone formula, which penetrates the surface to shine and protect vinyl, plastic, or rubber. You can also use any tire foam cleaner to clean the mats.

In total 30 minutes, your car's interior will get 700 INR makeover and everything pitch black and shiny plus you can do it again and again. The Turtle All-In-One interior cleaner shines the interiors crazy and they look real nice black.

I have explained how to clean your car's exterior above. In this way, you can save 1500/- INR on your car cleaning every 3 months. In total, you will save 6000/- INR per year.

How to maintain the lusture of car?

The best way to maintain the luster of our car is to polish it every 6 months and yes get a Teflon coating done once a year. Try to park your car in shade and if possible cover your car during summer months.

How to maintain color of the car (my car's color is red)?

Firstly, you'll need to recognize the fact that red is the color that fades the most. You will notice a visible difference in your car's shade 1 year from now. To augment that, you will also notice that FRP parts like bumpers will stick out even more. While all colors fade, its red that fading is vividly visible on because it is an inherently bright color.

Having said that, you can do certain things to slow down - to an extent, the fade:

  1. Turtle wax your car religiously every 2 weeks.
  2. Prevent any objects from coming into physical contact with the car's body - such as glasses, plates in a drive-in hotel etc.
  3. If covered parking is not available, use an MGA car cover, which is the softest of them all.
  4. Avoid dry-wiping your car. If your car picks up dirt/grime, resist the temptation to wipe it onsite. Come home and wet wipe the grime.

Cleaning your car yourself is a very good exercise and is a very enjoyable thing. Actually, I feel very satisfied myself when I do this. So enjoy cleaning your car. Take care.

If you have any comments, please let me know.


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