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Car GPS reviews 2016

Updated on December 17, 2015

In car GPS reviews 2016 we are going to review four of 2016's best selling car GPS systems: the top of the line new Garmin nüvi, a broad screen Motorola Motonav, a simpler and cheaper Garmin nüvi and a budget TomTom GPS. Hopefully one of these very different devices will be the one for you.

Benefits of a good car GPS:

  • GPS devices can map the shortest and fastest routes from point A to point B and then track your progress there. Initially GPSs weren't so good at this, but the latest generation devices are very good at picking the best route.
  • Many of the new GPSs can download weather, traffic and road work information. Tell you about it and map the best route for the situation.
  • A GPS will show you the restaurants, landmarks, schools, parks and other popular destinations, in your area.
  • Navigating using a GPS is much safer than using a map. Mostly you can be guided by the GPS voice directions, without even looking at the GPS.

Best car GPS 2016
Best car GPS 2016

Garmin nüvi 1690 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth Navigator

On the face, this looks like any other premium portable navigation device on the market. It has the familiar touch screen and suction cup design. However upon closer examination, we do see some subtle differences. The most important of which is the reduction of the SD card slot size. This means that the older full sized SD cards are rendered obsolete. The other important changes in the device are software based. The main screen layout now includes a status bar that displays the current overall state of the device.

The major feature of the 'Nuvi1690' is the 'NuLink' data service. The service is built on the AT&T's EDGE network. This service is ad supported which, makes it free for the first 2 years. It provides information on various topics that can impact the journey. One of the most popular features of this service is the 'traffic update'. The NuLink provides traffic updates relevant to your route. The service also provides weather forecasts that can be valuable on longer journeys.

An interesting new feature of the device is the 'EcoRoute'. This feature enables you to map the most fuel efficient route to your destination. This Garmin boots up faster than previous versions. The satellite connection is also very reliable.

In short 'Nuvi1690' is a high performance PND. The information this device provides, makes for a better and safer journey.

Motorola Motonav TN765T 5.1-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Traffic

The first striking thing about this device is, the wide screen display. The screen is high resolution which gives you a clearer image. The 'matte' finish enables visibility, even in direct sunlight.

The main screen is a map over which, menus are laid. The display can be 2D or 3D depending on which one you prefer. A panel on the left hand side of the screen, provides additional information. One of the various topics on which information is displayed is 'traffic'. Another is general route information. A secondary view of the map is also on display in this section. Both of these panels are very effectively designed and do not give a cluttered effect.

The device also offer a lot of extras. These include live search options. There is also information provided on various topics like fuel prices, weather etc. The device has blue tooth connectivity. The phone integration is very good, with quick phone contact search. It is also boots up quickly.

It offers a good service with a superior display making it one of the top PND devices in the market.

Budget Garmin
Budget Garmin

Garmin nüvi 285W/285WT 4.3-Inch Widescreen

This product from Garmin is a simple and sturdy piece of equipment. The device is very easy to setup. There is a step by step guide to make the process simple. The icons and menus are easy to understand. The GPS locator, of the device, is particularly powerful. The GPS lock is also very fast. The functionality provided is even better than some of the more established and expensive models.

The Device comes with MSN Direct service. The service provides additional information, for further assistance. This includes traffic updates which are fairly accurate and weather updates. The service is free for initial few months. After which there is a monthly charge.

The device offers various other features. These additional features include an 'Emergency locator'. The Garmin nüvi also supports Bluetooth phone connectivity.

Cheap TomTom
Cheap TomTom

TomTom EASE 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

This is a very compact PND. The screen is 3.5'' which, can be too small for some users. But in general smaller size makes the device more handy. Also size is in no way a hindrance, to the functionality of this GPS device. The smaller size helps lengthen the battery life to 3 hours.

The TomTom Ease combines simplistic design at a great price. It has pre-installed maps which, are incredibly accurate. USB connectivity is included, however Bluetooth technology is not. But it includes other features like 'Text to Speech' technology. It also features 'IQ Routes' which, enable better route calculations. TomTom 'Map Share' technology enables you, to make corrections directly on the map. This feature also shares this information amongst different users.

The device, though low in price, is quite functional. The ease of use makes it an excellent choice for your first GPS.

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