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Car Loan Fraud: Trust and the Dealership

Updated on November 7, 2014
Cars on display at the JDF military tattoo
Cars on display at the JDF military tattoo

Trust And The Dealership

If only honesty really was practiced as ‘the best policy’, a lot of us would be saved from much heartache and pain! But in this less than perfect world, we all need to know that in the event that we have been delved a dishonest blow, there is recourse. In the next few minutes, you will therefore be introduced to some viable options, should you fall victim to car loan fraud, auto repair fraud and such similar dishonest practices associated with dealership fraud. You will also be enlightened about some of the benefits to be derived from auto fraud attorneys.


So, about that lovely red sports car that you bought brand new, and are now being told by a car fanatic that it is at least three years old! Or that ‘reliable’ pre-owned SUV that you bought at a tremendously low price, only to ‘discover’ that you have been duped! You simply cannot believe that people could be so dishonest. You cannot believe that there is actually a way that people go about ‘beating the system’; taking your money; encroaching on your trust, virtually undetected! Well, what you have uncovered is undoubtedly an age old problem of dealership fraud!

On that matter of trust

Now if it wasn’t bad enough that you had to take a loan and sign before actually going through the document; imagine when you realize that the information given to you to lure you in was all lies! The warranty is non-existent, the prices were not really set to change, the prior damages were not repaired, the desired color that you were told was out of stock is actually still available; and the list goes on. So now you find that you are an unhappy camper, and still without a working vehicle. After much attempt to resolve your conflict with the dealers, you now realize that they are even craftier than you initially expected, as that contract you did not read, has hidden new terms. Oh, and that deposit? Non-refundable!

Dishonesty in the dealership

Since these car dealers are first, salesmen, their primary intent is to close the deal at all costs. Well, somewhere along that line, some dealers have become shady in their intent and subsequent delivery. As a result of the ‘need for speed’ sales attitude, there have been reports of several types of dealership fraud, both at new and used car dealerships.

Get Legal Representation

A very popular scam is the tampering of the odometer to reflect lower mileage. This gives the impression of a less used car, irrespective of year or make. Another growing trend is that of not reporting accidents or selling less than road worthy vehicles, only to be failed upon inspection. One doesn’t have to think long and hard to realize the real dangers of such practices. If you’ve been the victim of any such or similar practices, it is time to talk to a lawyer! This is no simple mediation matter; your life and that of your loved ones was being placed in jeopardy.

Help Is Available

Alas, rest assured that there is such a thing as a contract that is not legally binding. Also, rest assured that there are car loan lawyers and auto fraud attorneys out there who are only too happy to provide you with free legal consultation as it relates to dealership fraud and car loan fraud. After all, that is exactly what you are a victim of.

Time Is Of Essence

Do a little homework if you feel that you have been wronged. There are great lawyers on the market specializing in these practices. This is more common than you think and it needs to be stopped. Lawyers will be better able to assist you in getting the ride you initially intended; or litigate for you once you feel you have a case to answer to. So, don’t hesitate in contacting them, as time is also of essence in getting justice once and for all.

Cars travelling along a main road, bordered by the sea (St. Thomas, Jamaica).
Cars travelling along a main road, bordered by the sea (St. Thomas, Jamaica).
Usain Bolt's crashed car from 2012
Usain Bolt's crashed car from 2012


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    • Keisha Hunter profile image

      Keisha Hunter 2 years ago from Kingston, Jamaica

      Thank you my dear, you are very kind...happy to hear you're up and about again.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Marvelous job on a touchy subject. Cudo's to you for you telling the truth about car loans and buying cars. All who are about to buy a car should read this hub. And if I had seen a voting app on your hub, I would have give this a 10, straight up. It was that good.

      Keep up the good work and never quit.