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Car Parking - Funny Pictures and Videos

Updated on March 7, 2013

Funny Car Parking Videos - Top Tips for Car Parking

Parking a car is a dangerous business! Below are video tips that should help all those struggling with car parking. Featuring car park accidents, extreme car parking skills and some car insurance claims.

1. Be mindful of falling objects

2. Drive carefully through gates

3. Don't get frustrated when parking

4. When leaving a car park, take your time

5. Be careful when driving in icy conditions

6. Purchase a Mini. You can park in the tighest spaces!

7. If you find a car parking space - grab it quick!

8. Don't Fight for a car park space! It aint worth it!

9. When entering the car park, be patient with the machine!

Car Parking is difficult for some people

It is amazing how many people struggle to park their car.

A combination of bad driving, lazyness and complete lack of highway code knowledge can be attributed to this but these pictures show the very worst (funny!) car parking caught on camera.

Difficulty Parking? These people do!


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