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Car Part Costs for your 1991-94 Mercury Capri

Updated on February 5, 2011

When you take your car into a car repair garage, the rate today is usually between $80-120.00 hr. The mechanic working for the garage, doing the work, probably makes $15-30 an hr. Dealerships are no different. Many parts used in the repair of your 1991-94 Mercury Capri have a surcharge of up to 30% on them. So, a part costing $20 at Autozone, may cost $26 at the dealer or garage.

Parts for the 1991-94 Mercury Capri and XR2 sport car are still available easily if the part is related to the engine and chassis\suspension. That is because they use a Mazda engine and suspension. Body parts and interior parts are a whole different issue. For these, you need to find a parted out Capri or one in a junk yard.

According to the Capri manual for repairs between 91-94, the following items could be installed for the stated price, labor and parts included. Having done some of the repairs at a shop, the prices are not that different than in 1994.

  • Rear Taillight Assy- $160
  • Side Marker Lamp - $41
  • Rear Bumper Cover $307
  • Fuel Tank $180
  • Luggage lid hydraulic lift $26
  • Convertible top $1174 ( this is a mystery. One can buy a new top for $300 and installation will run up to $400 in 2011). It takes 3.5 hrs to install.
  • Hard top $840 (used tops can be bought for $500 or less)
  • Handle Pull for interior panel $30
  • Door panel map cover $96 (used ones can be found for $25)
  • Outside mirror $141
  • Center console $60
  • Ashtray $30
  • Glass windshield $805 and 3.5 hrs in time (again, one can buy a new windshield for far less)
  • EEC module for ignition sys $1038
  • Distributor cap  $30
  • Alternator $534
  • Air cleaner element  $21
  • Turbocharger  $1326 and 3 hrs installation
  • Turbo cooler  $681
  • Catalytic Converter $341
  • Seat  $110
  • Inside door panel  $400
  • Radiator  $300 ( one can buy a new OEM for $130)
  • A set of 5-spoke wheels  $235 
  • Brake Rotor $65
  • Brake caliper $210 (today, new caliper run $130)
  • Fuel pump $320
  • Shock absorber $110 and 1.5 hr to install
  • New hood  $441


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    • Deerwhisperer profile image

      Brenda Krupnow 6 years ago from Bradenton, Florida

      30.00 for an ashtray! I'm glad I quit smoking, LOL!

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      well, the prices listed were as of 1994, but some have not changed, for instance rotors, calipers because there are still many mazda's using the same parts on the road. The prices also included labor and parts.

    • Tony Locicero profile image

      Tony Locicero 6 years ago from Inverness Florida

      Quite a few dealers mark up parts substantially higher than 30%. Some even double the price. Always a good idea to check the part's prices at an independent parts house like NAPA or Autozone for comparison. You can always shop the repair elsewhere if the repair price is unreasonable.