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Car Rotisserie Plans

Updated on January 10, 2010

Why use an auto rotisserie, or as some call it, a car rotisserie? The best answer is simply: ease of use. Can you do as good of an auto restoration job while working off of saw horses? Probably not. It's also a heck of a lot easier on your physical body to use an auto body rotisserie as well. Imagine having to repair rusted out body mounts while under the car vs. having the body mounts waist high or even being able to sit in a chair while welding them.

Another thing I have noticed is how hard it is to find information on car rotisserie plans on the web. Even the free plans are hard to figure out what or where the information is, and I already know how to build one. Not anymore! This site compiles all of the information I have learned over the years.

I have built and used many different auto rotisseries in the 20+ years of being in the welding/fabrication industry. I have taken what I feel to be the best points of many different auto rotisseries and combined them to create this one. I have based my information on features that are actually useful rather than just "frills". By taking the frills out of the design I feel that this is the best and cheapest auto rotisserie that can be made. I also feel that these auto rotisserie plans are the easiest to use.

For much more information check out

Visit my website for more info.
Visit my website for more info.


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      Manuel 7 years ago

      Nice plans !!!