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Future cars

Updated on February 22, 2011

We often wonder how cars will look like in the future. If they will be running on petrol, if the driver will be necessary, if they will be electric or maybe they will running on hydrogen. Maybe cars won’t drive but fly? Let’s look at some concepts from main automotive industries.

BMW GINA (Geometry and Functions In “N” Adaptions)

BMW GINA is a try to contest a way how cars are built today. When we try to avoid standard solutions and redefine some of basic concepts we have a lot of new possibilities. This is the core idea in constructing BMW GINA. Base of this car is alloy frame. It use V8 engine and have 20 inches wheels . But the most interesting is body. It is made with waterproof and very light material which can, with special electric and hydraulic motors change shape of the car.

It is hard to believe but look at this movie :

Steering wheel Mercedes F800
Steering wheel Mercedes F800

Mercedes F800

This is new Mercedes shown on Stuttgart car fair. It is 185 in  long and  76 in width and Mercedes claim that this is “the limousine of the future”. Despite of that this is concept car it is working and many car journalists can test it. It look very futuristic and have a lot of new solutions. For example the doors don’t have handles but allow panels which are use to open the doors. Car is very illuminated with natural light which have very good influence to ours health and comfort. Mercedes F800 will have two types of engines : hybrid type and fuel cell type. Hybrid engine have 409 HP (petrol engine 300 HP and electric engine 109 HP). It use just 0,77 gallons of petrol for 60 miles

Volkswagen Nanospyder Concept

This car  use electric motors in each wheel to run. The main power supply is power cell with is supported by solar panels. Body is made form organic materials with use of nano technology witch make it very hard and solid. It will be very environment friendly. It is very futuristic vision but, like any other vision it can be made in the future.

Cars mentioned in this hub may look like a song of the future, but we have to remember that most of this days cars concepts have root is visionary and concept models shown in past.

Often manufacturers show concept cars to proof they capabilities and to analyze market.  We just have to way a little bit and cars form the future will be ours everyday ways of travelling.


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    • profile image

      Bialy 6 years ago

      It looks great but I thing that it can't be very useful :).

    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 6 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      I really like the steering wheel.