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Cars on Fire

Updated on August 2, 2012

pictures of cars on fire

This kind of fire on a car is cool
This kind of fire on a car is cool
not cool
not cool
diffinately not cool
diffinately not cool

some dangers of not maintaining a car

I am writing this hub to inform you of some recent dangers I have come across while driving around in my neighbor hood and I realized that many probably are not aware of the dangers of not maintaining a car.

The first photo I have posted does not consist of danger other than my daughter skating near the flaming car, which might put the car at risk of getting scratched or the mirror pulled off if she looses control!

On a more serious note the van that is on fire, possibly caught on fire from over heating. Could have been avoided by checking to see if there was enough coolant in the radiator or water in the overflow tank also known as the reservoir. Also many try driving their cars with bad hoses or hoses that have small leaks which is not good because the water can leak all out and this also causes the car to over heat! Sometimes it can be something more costly and more work like a bad water pump but it should get fixed as soon as possible because it can cause a lot more damage to your car like bust the radiator or head gaskets but even worse cause your whole engine to catch on fire!

The other car that is in flaming blazes obviously caught on fire from the accident but I don't think it was just from the car crash (maybe if it were a Porsche) but I believe it was a dodge and is a very old dodge indeed! However I rarely see cars well newer cars catch on fire so fast caused by such a not so bad car accident, I believe it's probably because newer cars have heat resistant hoses and better fuel lines, injectors, etc. and older cars don't have the improved and more safe hazardous parts that newer cars have! So maybe people shouldn't drive older cars around especially if not well maintained!

I just wanted to write this hub to remind everyone of the dangers of not taking care of your vehicle and a minor little thing like changing a woren hose or checking your coolant level that wont cost more than $20 bucks can turn into something so dangerous; like cause your car to catch on fire or burn a hole through your wallet because you would have to get new heads or get them rebuilt this will cost over $300 dollars! Take care of your car or just buy a new one!

Thanks for taking the time to read my hub.


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