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Catalytic Converter Prices

Updated on November 15, 2011

The price of a new Catalytic Converter can run you low as $100 to as high as several thousand dollars.  Typically, the higher priced units are bolt-in direct replacement and are simply installed with very low labor costs. The lower priced units are installed by cutting out the defective unit with a blow torch and welding in the new converter.

Depending on the tools you have in your garage, you could save on the labor costs by installing the unit yourself.  Otherwise, it is advisable to take your car to a mechanic or Muffler Shop for the repair.  Most car owners will choose the later especially if they do not have the welding equipment to replace the converter.

Labor costs will vary from shop to shop and since it is a very easy job to estimate, your mechanic will usually provide you a quote over the phone.  This makes it very efficient in locating the lowest price.

If you decide to install the Catalytic Converter yourself, you need to first locate the part.  This task is very simple and the replacement converter or bolt-in unit can be bought at most online Auto Parts stores.  Many online stores cannot ship to California and you are forced to purchase the part at a local parts store such as Pep Boys.  They may have to order the part but this typically doesn’t take any longer than ordering online.

Whichever method you decide to repair your catalytic convert, the repair cost and price of the converter will run you several hundred dollars.   This may cost you more by purchasing the higher end bolt-in units even though the labor costs are lower.


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  • howardyoung profile image

    Howard Young 7 years ago from California

    Pinah, Catalytic converters are expensive to repair and I hope you get reimbursed. -Howard

  • profile image

    Pinah 7 years ago

    I own a 2001 Chevrolet Impala. On Jan. 8, 2010 the car seemed to lack some kind of power and then it just quit! I did not bring it to dealer bec. I know my warranty is over. I brought it to a reputable repair shop in VA and sure enough I was told that my catalytic converter is bad, he replaced it. I stumbled upon a friend and I was told I should call the GM Customer Service and see if there is any "recall" on this car. I told him not that I know of. In any rate, I called the GM and I was told about "special coverage" as long as I have the car in less than 10 years or less than 120K. Well, I have the car less than 10 years and less than 120K so I am eligible. I was told that they will send me a reimbursement form and they gave me a Case#. Then after few hours, I got a call from another lady asking questions, same thing like earlier. She also took the name and address of the meachanic which I gave her all the information. I just hope that GM will reimburse me, since it costs $264.50 for the parts alone and labor was $238.00...I hope this will help for others who have the same problem like mine....

    Pinah of Virginia Beach, VA.