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Causes and prevention of driving accident in Road and How to Avoid

Updated on October 16, 2010

Most of accidents caused in our road are due to driving, and the number of accident caused by drivers has been on the increase. Although there are laws and regulations which are to govern how drivers use our roads, many of these drivers do not care about this regulation.

There are many causes of driving accident in our and below are some of them and how to prevent them

1.       Unqualified drivers

The number cause of driving accident is the untrained drivers; these are people who managed to stay on the staring for few second and the jump into the driver seat as the driver. Such people normally cause accidents experience in roads. Someone with no knowledge on how to drive driving a vehicle will definitely cause driving accident. To prevent these kind of road accident causes all drivers should apply for qualified training institution that offers driving courses, and people found driving without driving license should be heavily penalized

2.       Road

The other major cause of our driving accident is the condition of our roads, bad roads will lead to higher driving accident, and normal such accident occurs at night when roads become invisible. It is important for the relevant government institutions to maintain these roads more often

3. Pedestrians

The other major cause of driving accident are the pedestrian, normally pedestrian have a designated area along the road where they walk, but without observing these rules cases of driving accidents will increase. Countries have got different rules on where pedestrian should walk, some on the left side of the road, while others on the right side of the road. To prevent these accidents pedestrian should be educated on how to use roads by the government

4. Over speeding

Over speeding by drivers causes driving accident, and these normally happens where we have sharp bend, over speeding should be avoided at all cost and anyone found over speeding should be charged In law court and if found guilty there should be stiff penalty

5. Talking while driving

Other un noticed causes of driving accident is talking to other people rather than concentrating on driving. You will get that some drivers like very much to talk while driving and hence they lose focus on what they were doing, there should be laws to govern these kind of practice to avoid driving accident. There are other causes of driving accident which are not mentioned here, but these are the major causes


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Cancel road accidents

      Cancel road accidents not hard to do because a similar system currently works in the agricultural sector.

      Agricultural system is more complex than necessary to the traffic system.

      So you can run the traffic system immediately.

      I'm talking about using Precision Farming for Precision Traffic.

      Mathematical examination of the passage shows that the Precision traffic less complex than Precision Agriculture from the known rule that in the surface there are infinite lines.

      The Precision traffic system educates and instills a driving culture.

      Precision traffic system reduces the time length of learning in dimensions of months.

      Form of education in the proposed system is similar to addition of hundreds of thousands of traffic policemen.

      The system works on the basis of personal mentoring.

      Any errant driver will be assigned a "policeman mentor".

      The policeman will be a virtual policeman but will be fully present.

      "Big Brother Effect" will be treated thoroughly and virtual cop appears only when the driver goes through.

      The privacy of citizens will be preserved carefully. Drivers driving according the law will not be recorded and will not be documented.

      I have the unpleasant feeling that we can save thousands of people a year and do not rescuers.

      That Related to thousands injured people and considerable financial losses.

      Today it is possible to run a small order of tens of vehicles to demonstrate feasibility.

      All the tools are exist but are not used.

      The system will help to the police identify speeders and it will help law to enforcement and reducing vulnerability to life and property.

      This understanding is the educational way that cause to drivers to not breaking the law and operate under the law and the roads conditions.

      Precision Traffic based on Precision Farming provides a solution that includes all areas of driving and most important is education drivers.

      Precision Traffic Can be used as a Driving Teacher, a Driving guide, as accompanied a driving, as a driving mentor, and policeman and judge . The report would be sent directly to the driver at the address listed at the DMV.

      Unfortunately to keep a distance not sufficient a warning, the driver must slow down and increase the distance from the vehicle in front. Maintaining the appropriate distance depends on the will of the driver in another language and education.

      No deterrent without punishment!

      I'll go to any place and to any forum to explain the proposed system and answer questions as needing.

      Precision Traffic

      New approach to traffic management and control of operational use will help the police to enforce traffic offenders and finding all kinds of traffic offenses, here are the details:

      Infractions Car - himself:

      1 – Not wearing a safety belt.

      2 – Low pressure tires.

      3 – Not lighting lights.

      4 – And more.

      Offenses car relation to road:

      1 – Speeding.

      2 – Failure to comply with a stop sign.

      3 – Drive on the white line.

      4 – Unauthorized traffic lane.

      5 – Failure to comply with traffic lights.

      6 – Driving on the traffic island.

      7 – Driving on sidewalks.

      8 – Stopping the car while interfering traffic flow.

      9 – Integration not allowed.

      10– Turning not follow the rules the laws.

      11– And more.

      Car relations offenses - Vehicles: (One to another).

      1 – Not maintaining proper distance between vehicles.

      2 – Dangerous bypass.

      3 – Not to give right of way to integration.

      4 – Overtaking on the right.

      5 – Sudden stop in a busy road without probable cause.

      6 – Hazardous integration to busy road.

      7 – And more.

      Car relations offenses - car to car and road:

      1 – Bypass on crosswalk.

      2 – Not being slow sign and give the right of way.

      3 – Transition from lane to lane in a busy multi-track road

      4 – And more.


      1 – Directing traffic from busy roads to others.

      2 – Warning drivers about traffic jams.

      3 – Changing of traffic lights according to traffic volume.

      4 – Learning behaviors and published global conclusions about

      recurring phenomena.

      5 – Characterizing typical behaviors and adapting the

      infrastructure accordingly.

      6 – Study load transportation and disposal conclusions


      My thanks in advance for any help in promoting the subject.

      E mail:

      Mobile: 972-50-6241523


      Elchanan Shochat

    • profile image


      5 years ago


    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank to hub pages by this i am really motivated towards my studies...

      The only main reason for road accident is the reckless drivers

      they just drink and drive moreover they talk when they drive.

    • profile image

      anish joseph 

      5 years ago

      whom to blame?the fate?our carelessness?rash driving?one fact is apparent ,whatever it is the number of road accidents is uprising....a suggetion from my side is do and follow what you expect others to....

    • profile image

      James mofya 

      6 years ago

      Thank u 4 this

    • profile image

      Cedric Thabo Ramoroka 

      7 years ago

      It is very neccecarly to put a teenager behind the while when 100 percently sure that he or she is well perfectly sure with driving. Do not allow a teenager to drive alone at main roads without well experienced mature adult or person near her or him.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      thank you very much it was soo beneficial.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      thank you very much it was soo beneficial.

    • profile image

      parikshit rathee pdm 

      7 years ago


    • profile image


      7 years ago


    • oderog profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Nairobi

      Basoene Jack, that the other side of human beings, knowing the right thing to do but can't just do it, most of young drivers are the most culprits of breaking driving rules

    • profile image

      Basoene Jack 

      9 years ago

      most of the drivers today do not bother to learn and study the road safety regulations and signs,they violate safety rules of no driving while drinking or vis-visa,make telephone calls whlie driving to distract their contration on the steering

    • alittlebitcrazy profile image


      9 years ago

      It's terrifying - the little requirements there are for such a big responsibility. We allow children behind the wheel, inexperienced, immature teenagers! It's a crazy world we live in, with some even crazier people making the rules and regulations.


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