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Cell Phone SMiShing

Updated on November 24, 2012

You know or have heard about phishing when using a computer, but did you know SMiShing? You might have thought the cell phone was immune to similar fraudulent activities from nefarious criminals. It is all about clicking on a link or a phone number in a TEXT message that is unfamiliar to you. Many of the text messages with the malware want you to click. The message demands your immediate attention in some way. They trick you by stating that unless you cancel a subscription using the attached link or phone number, you will be charge one or two dollars daily. Or, the message will want you to call a specific phone number to reactivate. A link will take you to a legitimate looking website wanting your financial or credit card info. Don't. If it is a phone number, it normally directs to a legitimate sounding automated voice response system, similar to the voice response systems used by many financial institutions, which will ask for the same personal information. Some texts try to lure you making you think it came from Walmart or other well known online stores, this has already happened many times where the bait is a $1000 gift card if you signup on the nefarious website or phone number called where the same information is asked.

The defense is simply to delete the texts that offer you something in exchange for credit card info or any other financial personal data. Be safe.


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