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Chinese Automaker Geely Poised to Take Over the World

Updated on August 4, 2009

Chinese Automaker Geely Poised to Take Over the World

The Geely Holding Group may not yet be a household word in Poughkeepsie, but don't bet against it. From concept cars to production vehicles, Geely has a presence at all the major automotive expositions from Detroit to Shanghai.

The Geely GT (stands for Geely Tiger rather than Gran Touring) presents a stunning amalgam of high tech concepts and uber-modern styling with throwbacks to United States muscle cars of the 1960s. The large circular speedo and tach bring to mind a street race on a hot Pomona Saturday night. Badges and grill-work tease memories of Cadillac and Chrysler, Pontiac and Plymouth. How close is too close?

Geely boasts an electric concept car called the 'IG' that is intended to sell for less than 2000 dollars with no battery. The company plans to lease the battery as a separate product. According to the concept vehicle on display at the 2009 Shanghai auto show, the vehicle will be slathered with solar cells and constructed from carbon fiber body panels.

The Geely Shanghai Englon GE lifts styling cues from that ubiquitous luxury tank, the Rolls Royce. A massive grill worthy of a Memphis barbecue festival supports a hood ornament that only looks out of place if you still have styling sensibilities remaining after ogling the neo-luxurious interior.

The "GE" in Shanghai Englon GE represents "Geely Excellence", by the way. Heaven forbid that Geely designers should infringe on the intellectual property rights of any other companies with hard-earned worldwide cache.

Can Geely Conquer Detroit?

Will we see Geelys (Geelies?) parked at White Castle? Can a Geely win a street race in Long Beach? Does a Geely Hybrid fit in your garage?

Chinese saftey regulations for automobiles may fall far short of US requirements. Geely products on Main Street will probably look very different that those for Tiananmen Square.

Generic Geely sedan slices through the Chinese atmosphere with graceful ease. Luxurious upgrades include marker lights in the side mirrors and shiny wheel covers.

On display at the Shanghai Auto Show, this Geely concept car sports grill apertures massive enough to ingest Michigan mosquitoes or Taipei ping pong balls. Wings suggest a Batman-like demeanor and horrifically expensive hinge assemblies. Spokesmodel with 80's hair is optional.

GEELY GE Shanghai 2009 Motor Show 20/04/2009 (HD)

Geely IG Fantastic Concept Shanghai 2009 Motor Show 20/04/2009 (HD)


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