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Choosing The Right Tyres For Your Vehicle

Updated on August 4, 2010

I Need New Tyres

Typical isn't it,when you need new tyres you usually leave it until the they are completely worn out and that doesn't give you any time to shop around to find the what tyre you would like but also a price that suits you as well,We are all guilty of looking for the cheapest price possible,but is this a wise decision as ultimately could this decision cost us money,well i work with tyres for a living and i will now let you know all you will need to know the next time your in the market for some tyres,from the different types of manufacture to the pros and cons of each one.

What Are You Looking For

Cheap price right? wrong,don't do it,Trust me all you are doing is giving yourself a rough ride,literally,Cheap tyres are safe there's no doubt about that as all tyre manufactures have to make their tyres to a certain specification by law,but a cheap tyre will do a few things.

1:A cheap tyre will not feel right on the road and will transmit any little bump through the steering wheel

2:A cheap tyre will give you much higher road noise,ie you will hear a lot more of the road through the cabin of the vehicle.

3:A cheap tyre will not handle well on a wet road surface

4:A cheap tyre will wear out far far quicker then a better one,meaning you will replace it much more often.

5:If the tyre is run slightly flat,ie it is low on pressure and you drive on it,the damage you do will be significantly more on a cheap tyre.

What Sort Of Driving?

What sort of driving do you do as this makes a big impact on the correct tyre decision.If you do high mileage and are always in your vehicle then you will definitely need good quality tyres by manufactures such as Michelin,Goodyear,Dunlop or Continentals these will give great tyre wear,lasting at least 20,000 miles,good ride comfort and low road noise.If on the other hand you don't do much mileage at all then getting one of the above tyres would be no good at all and a waste of money as they need to be driven on otherwise with the changes in season they will crack and perish and you will be throwing them away with loads of tread still left on them.So what do you choose for low mileage,well whilst a Budget will do,i would look at getting a lower mid range tyre such as a Firestone,Marangoni or something of that ilk.

Run Flat And Puncture Fluid Technology

These days with the higher end of the car market like Bmw or Mercedes they tend to have run flat tyres which means if you get a flat tyre you can continue to drive to your destination,but obviously there is a downside in the fact that they are incredibly expensive and once punctured cannot be repaired.A lot of newer cars and not just the expensive ones but the normal type of vehicle too is now being supplied without a spare wheel and just a couple of cans of puncture spray which you put into the tyre to enable you to get to a garage or home,what the manufactures don't tell you is once you put this stuff in your tyres they need to be replaced as the fluid over time will eat the rubber from the inside out.Just a couple of extra pointers you may need when choosing your tyre.Remember if you do high mileage get quality if you do low mileage get budgets.


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