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Commercial- Vehicle Lease is an Option That Businesses Need to Consider

Updated on June 19, 2013

There is a time when a business needs to expand. This requires the outlay of finance for additional space, machinery and staff. At the same time, the increased business may also require additional transportation arrangements. Acquiring additional vehicles can require a fair bit of capital, which does not give any immediate returns. The alternative then is to look for commercial vehicle lease arrangements, that can then ensure the additional transportation, without the spending of capital. It also allows, the money to be use for actually expanding the production, which will enable immediate returns.

Lessors of Commercial Vehicles Need Assurances

When a business decides to go for the leasing option for additional transportation, it will have to look for lessors willing to provide such facilities. Such lessors consider a number of factors before they decide to sign a commercial vehicle lease with the concerned business. They will look at the credit history of the applicant and the ability to meet the lease payments on a regular basis. They will consider the credit history, and will offer better terms for those who have high credit rating. A low credit rating can still allow a lessor to make an offer, but it is more than likely that the terms will be stiffer, and provisions having to be made for additional collateral.

An Established Business Can Help

Lessors of commercial vehicles will be more comfortable dealing with businesses that have been running for some time, and have a steady business. This gives them the satisfaction that the business will be able to make the necessary lease payments. They will also ask for balance sheets and bank account details, as this can help them to decide whether the concerned business has the necessary reserves that can ensure payment.

Mileage Can Affect Leases

Another factor that can come into play is the type of vehicle required, the mileage that it will run and the conditions under which it will operate. This does affect the maintenance of the truck, which quite often is the responsibility of the lessor. They will also be concerned with the operators of the vehicles and their driving records. While most leased vehicles do carry adequate insurance, it does require an accident vehicle to be replaced so that business is not affected. Most leases for commercial vehicles use the Open -end option, where the person leasing the truck may have to pay additional amounts at the end of the lease, if the open market price at the end of the lease is lesser than the residual value.


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