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How To Make Your Car Look Better and More Comfortable For Ride

Updated on August 5, 2017

Life gets much easier and comfortable once you have your own car. A new car can give you all the style, luxury and comfort you need! Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a new car. Many middle class, including myself, have to buy an old car. But does that mean your good old car cannot satisfy this ambitious need of yours? Definitely not when we are in 2015--you can make your car look stylish and comfortable with the help of many awesome accessories and gadgets. I mostly buy the accessories from eBay and Amazon because they are very cheap and you can choose from a variety of collection.

Everyone likes to have a car and every owner loves their car. Cars are very important nowadays because they give us the independence and security we need. Obviously you would not like to wait for a long period of time to get a taxi or bus during the summer.

Make even the oldest of cars look cool
Make even the oldest of cars look cool | Source

How To Make Your Car Look Good

In this article, I will show you all these cool gadget and accessories, so that you can make your car look good and love it forever!

Some accessories that can make every inside and outside of a car look nice:

  • High Quality Tinting
  • LCD screen hooked with a rear view Camera
  • Comfortable and nice looking seat covers
  • LED Rim Lights
  • Cool Brake Lights
  • Custom Car Emblems
  • Interiors with Carbon Fiber Vinyl
  • Soothing and Cool Interior Lighting
  • Metal Alloy Rims
  • Luxurious-looking neck pillows

Car tint
Car tint | Source

Tint Your car window

Tinting your car is very important if you are living in a very hot & humid place. It is in my first recommended list, because it has many benefits other than just cooling your car. You should definitely consider to tint your car with high quality after market film for the following reasons:

  • During summer It helps to cool down your car faster
  • It Blocks harmful UV rays and protect your car interior and leather.
  • It makes your ride look awesome in sleek. Who does not like a car with some nice shade ?
  • It reduces pressure from your AC by helping it to cool your car faster. As a result your AC works more effectively.
  • It gives you privacy. People won't be able to stare at your wife/girlfriend if you have some nice tint in your car. Besides, your valuable belongings will be concealed because of the tint.

Rear view camera with LCD screen
Rear view camera with LCD screen

Rear View Camera With LCD screen

A rear view camera with a high-resolution LCD screen is one of the most popular features we often see in a modern luxury car. To get this awesome, you don't need to buy a luxury car, rather you can spend less 30 bucks to install it in your good old car. This gadget is very handy for back parking.

This not only increases the beauty and gives a sense of luxury to your car but can also save your car from accidents while you park. The installation manual will be provided so that you can install it by yourself. If it's difficult for you, can go to any electric garage and they will install it without any difficulty. The process of this gadget is very simple, whenever you put reverse gear, the LCD screen will show the reverse view with the proper alignment. This is definitely going to help you in a very stiff parking spot.

LED Rim Kit

Great rims make the car look great but how about adding some LED lights inside the rim? That would make things more exciting and help you to stand out of the crowd. The installation process of the kit is not difficult, and you will have a remote to control the lighting from 80 ft away.

Cars with LED rim kit (video)

F1 Style Rear Brake Light

This is one of my favorite car gadgets and I do have one of these installed in my car. The F1 brake lights are nicely designed lamps that keep on blinking when you press brakes. These look great and can be a handy safety tool for your car. They are very cheap and easy to install. All you have to do is to mount it on your rear bumper and give a wire connection with your original brake lights.

f1 brake light in a Honda civic
f1 brake light in a Honda civic | Source

Custom Car Emblem

Not having a car emblem is giving away the opportunity to make your car a batmobile, seriously! How about having a custom Emblem to make your car unique? There are plenty of cool emblems available that can give your car a unique look. You can buy a custom emblem from eBay or Amazon at a very cheap price.

Since I am Batman by night, I choose the bat sign as my emblem--because, obviously.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl

Carbon Fiber Vinyl has become very popular to decorate your interior and exterior. You can give your car a premium Carbon Fiber look just by spending only 20 bucks. These vinyls are usually very durable and can protect the interior or exterior of your car. You can choose different colors to give different looks but black is the color widely used. To wrap a carbon Fiber Vinyl you would need the following common instruments -

  • Sharp Xacto Style knife - To cut the vinyl precisely
  • Squeegee - A squeegee such as a plastic card to make sure you can wrap properly without any bubble.
  • Heat gun or Hair dryer - You can use a heat gun or a hair dryer to expand the vinyl Stickers to place them properly.

How much does a carbon Fiber Vinyl sticker cost? Usually, you can buy 1 meter of Carbon Fiber Vinyl sticker with only 10$.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl installation

LED Interior Under Dash Lighting Kit

Would you like to surprise people with the stunning LED lighting display inside your car? LED interior under dash lighting kit is very useful to make your car look dashing at night. It would give your car an extraordinary look--like the inside of a modern jet airliner.

This interior kit is jam-packed with an assortment of features and four super bright LED tubes to illuminate your car's interior. You can easily install it as all the instruction and mounting hardware will be given along with the lighting Kit. You can select different types of color patterns and switch of the lights at any time. If you do not have time to install them by yourself, you can take them to any electric garage and they will install it for a small fee.


Check out the sample of a Blue LED interior lightning kit

Metal Alloy Rims

Big shiny alloy rims always make you car look more stylish and sporty. The pros of having alloy wheels are:

  • They look super cool
  • They are lighter for the same strength because they are made of either Aluminum or Magnesium
  • They have better conduct heat off the tires

You can replace your old steel rims with alloy wheels to give your car a premium look. The only downside to having an alloy wheel is that it can be expensive. If you can afford alloy wheels, then you should buy 2 pairs and make your car look handsome.

LED day time running Light

LED day time running lights can make your car look super attractive. They are often included in premium model or higher trim cars. Although they it's named as day time running light, they look even more beautiful at night. You can buy a pair of LED day time running light from ebay with an affordable price.


Stickers does not look good always but they definitely attract people to see your Car. They usually don't have any special purpose except standing out of the ordinary crowd. Besides, stickers are usually very cheap and easy to use. Viny stickers are durable and water proof. So, if you like something new, you can invest on stickers.

USB Car Charger

A USB port charger does not require you to break a bank
A USB port charger does not require you to break a bank | Source

Most of us either have an iPhone or an Android phone. We hardly can spend an hour without using our smartphone. The modern smartphones are capable of doing multiple task, and this is why they need a lot of energy too. Having a USB port car charger is very helpful when you need to charge your phone urgently. Heavy smartphone users can charge their phone everyday whenever they are driving. This will ensure that they never run out of battery. You can buy a dual USB port charger from Amazon for less than 2 dollars. They are compatible with most USB-enabled devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android etc.

Car mount holder: It is very difficult to answer a call while driving. It become more difficult to answer a phone if you keep the phone inside your pocket. The risk of doing accident also increases if you try to answer a call by pulling it from the pocket when driving. On the other hand you might not want to ignore a call if it is important. This is why it is highly recommended to buy a car mount holder. You can put your smartphone on the holder to use it at any time without any problem. There are some latest mount holder which not only holds the phone but also charge the phone at the same time.

Car Neck Pillows with Head Rest

The leather and the seat just invites you!
The leather and the seat just invites you! | Source

Car neck pillows are one of my favorite car interior accessory for comfort. These neck pillows can give you a great support to your neck while you are driving. These pillows were mainly created for support and maintain your proper posture.

Some pillows even have memory foam shaped to your body, and retain heat to alleviate tension muscles. That is why they are extremely useful for long drives.

Give A Personal Care To Your Car

I can't stress this enough--maintenance is everything!

Complete Car Care Kit

Last but not the least, I would like to recommend you to buy a complete care kit for your car. This is a very important tips to make your oldy looks shiny and cool forever. Cleaning your car not only increases the beauty but also gives a feel of satisfacion. This satisfaction is going to increase your motivation and love towards your car. If you buy a complete car care kit, you can find all the items to clean both exterior and interior of your car.

Thanks for reading. Make sure to post comment to share your thought and ideas.


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    • profile image


      17 months ago

      Awesome topic on alarm diagnosis esp fuses

    • ijdmtoy profile image


      4 years ago from Los Angeles

      Totally agree with LED lighting kits! My favorite are the LED puddle lights and I always find myself staring at the glow where my feet are when i'm stopped at a red light.


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