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The Chevrolet Corvette, C7

Updated on June 18, 2014

The Chevrolet Corvette, C7, Fast, Furious, and New

The Chevrolet Corvette, C7, Fast, Furious, and New

The Chevy Corvette C7, a 2014 landmark, rock and roll wheels of speed for you and your neighbors. It's not just a Corvette, this beauty is American and full of spirit and head turning muscle. The sound of this monster 450 horsepower, stock engine is crisp and clear. It wants to go fast and this car can out run the imports, that cost well into the the 100k bracket. Europe will get theirs, and the autobahn will have fast and furious races with these American high output babies.

The look is futuristic and incredible, fast smooth lines curve this baby and the colors are brilliant to match. Corvette owners will buy these up in a hurry and keep their older Chevy Corvette for how things once were. You have a Corvette and even with its delicate problems, you can’t escape the beauty and elegance she has to show off. The fifty to two hundred thousand dollar new C7 Corvette is the exception.

I had to write this article because I got online to find that the new C7 was the number one Google item being looked at right now. Rightfully so, if you like sports cars in America or Europe: Europe makes fun of all the plastic we stick in the Corvette and how popular it is in America, but they keep competing against her in Europe so the heck with them. Yes stack the Corvette against the Ferrari and your Lotus and you have competition at a reduced rate for the normal guy. The other reason for obtaining such a Chevy Corvette is you look good in it , if anyone can see you driving it. The low seat position is very difficult to get in and out of, but it is surely worth it once you sit in the cushioned leather seat.

Corvette is like hot dogs and apple pie to Americans. We love to hate people that have them. I am one such person that has two of these to play with and yes they can get expensive . I have to inform you though, you can buy a pickup for the same price and run over me , but hey that’s your style, and this is America’s style, the Chevy Corvette. It’s a girl catcher, a married man’s dream car, a piece of fast plastic on 4 tubeless tires. The excitement of the new Corvette will last for decades to come, so be ready to see these passing you at one hundred plus miles an hour, because that is what they are built for.

Do I have to be rich to own one? No, you have to be wealthy to pay the tickets you will get in any Corvette C7, because every officer in America loves to pull over a Corvette. One that is speeding offers a challenge to the officer on motorcycle and car. They are people to and they want to drive fast and see what you have done with your Corvette. So be weary and imagine that you’re being looked at all the time, because you are. Attention getter you will be and it last as long as you keep the car shiny and to have your car looking dirty should be a crime with this vehicle.

On the last note, I am not here to describe this car, just look at it, and it says it all. You either love it or you’re crazy. Is this a personal opinion? No, it’s a fact, that is why so many used Corvettes are screwed up mechanically and electronically, it’s an addiction to own one. Have the Benjamin’s out at all times to pay for one thing or another, you will need it whether you buy new or old. You will have a Corvette though and people will talk to you with a snarl. Go for it now. Have a great driving day and keep your speed down.


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