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Customer Maruti Suzuki Ritz Review

Updated on June 21, 2011

Last month, I had a chance to drive Maruti Ritz for an extended period of time on the highways. Though Maruti Ritz is an excellent car but still it has a few disadvantages and of course many advantages which I am going to mention in my customer review:

Advantages of Maruti Ritz from a customer’s perspective

Seating: Ritz has excellent space utilization mainly due to high seating. It has class leading leg space in front. Even after spending long hours at wheel, I did not feel tiredness.

Plastics/Interiors: It certainly has better looking and better finished plastics than Maruti Swift. Panel gaps are tighter and overall touch feel and finish is a generation ahead of the current Swift.

Maruti Ritz Red Side View
Maruti Ritz Red Side View | Source

Efficient Engine: It can maintain blistering pace all day long without showing a single sign of stress. 13 hours sprint from Rajkot to Delhi at speeds of 150 kilometers per hour and relaxed nonstop cruising of the same route in 21 hours is ample testimony to that.

Brilliant Fuel Economy: Even while I did sprint run of 13 hours Rajkot to Delhi run, the worst efficiency I got was 13.8 kmpl. While cruising on the same highway at 80 kmph gave me the fruit of 23.7 kmpl which is incredible.

Good Highway Manners: Though on paper, it should not be able to hold the road at 130 plus speed being a tall boy design but it surprisingly manages that. It stays on the road with firm gripping even at that speed. It is only past 140 to 145 kmph that you feel to get easy on the gas pedal, but yes, this highway confidence has lot to do with 15” alloys as well as the sticky Michelin rubber too. They increased the road manners leaps and bounds ahead of the stock set up. ABS plays a vital role in maintaining that maniac speed, as you have the confidence of stopping and avoiding the object in front in the right amount of time.

Maruti Ritz Front
Maruti Ritz Front | Source

Disadvantages of Maruti Ritz from a customer’s point of view

No Rear Wipe: With such a premium hatch, Maruti must have given the option of rear defogger or at least a wash and wipe. It comes handy in rain and winter.

Seat Fabric: It is not the best in the industry as well as gets dirty and stained too easily. Within a mere 15 days of getting them dry cleaned, they get dirty again. Extra seat covers is a sensible option.

Horn: Very low sound. Even a bullock cart owner will not pay attention to you with this horn. So you need to rightly upgrade to roots horns which are standard fitment on Skodas/VWs.

Rear View Mirror: The inside rearview mirror, though Maruti claims has in built dimming function for night, is a useless product.

No Glass Holder For Rear Passengers: In fact even in front, the glass holders in the doors are not easy to operate and the single holder near the gear lever is just not adequate. There should have been two like in Maruti Swift and at least one for the rear.

Maruti Suzuki Ritz
Maruti Suzuki Ritz | Source
Maruti Ritz Color Red
Maruti Ritz Color Red | Source

From a consumer's perspective, Maruti Riz has been a brilliant car without even a single problem as far as product quality, reliability, or performance, or even ownership costs are concerned. It has delivered in power, fuel efficiency, and comfort fronts. Even the disadvantages mentioned above are not that big ones to deter one from buying this car. There have been arguments about the looks, especially the rear, but personally, I find the rear boomerang shaped taillights quite attractive, especially at night. In fact, I discovered that the shape of this car is in your mind for initial few months, in fact few weeks and then it just grows on you. From a customer point of view, it performs well, except the Hyundai i20 CRDi and Maruti Swift. No diesel hatch can match its performance. It sips fuel quite economically, 23.7 kmpl (with AC on) being testimony to that. Ritz does 19 to 20 kmpl in city on a regular basis, handles well, is comfortable, has good interiors, best front seats in its class jointly with Swift, and adequate boot space for a nuclear family. Ritz is also the best car for weekend outings and is economical to maintain. Above all, it is a product of Maruti, something you can rely upon. Ritz is a value for money car for an average consumer.


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    • profile image

      anilkumar madhavan 3 years ago

      RITZ have d real feel of comfort drive, even in city roads and long drives, am personally experienced the same since 2011.rits is d best in maruti suzuki range.

    • profile image

      shabsdj 5 years ago

      Ritz have a different behave.... while the car touches 2000 rpm you can feel it .....

    • profile image

      fayaz 6 years ago

      ritz is a very good car when it is after 60k km diesel ritz looses its power completely and maintaineance start to increase and even engine sound...but one thing mileage doesn't decrease...if u want car for long run go for swift it is un beatable with same power after clocking 60k the dealers are finishing the stock of ritz,if u go for swift they will ask u to buy ritz bcoz they know ritz wont stand in the market for long time

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Hello sweetie1, thanks for expressing your views about Indian cars.

    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 6 years ago from India

      Hi soni, yes maruti cars sell because not only they give value for money but also they have real good engine, superor average and perfect after sales service all over India, Honda is loosing out that it had to scale down prices of its City car because it didn't sell even 4,000 this year till now. Ritz my friend has and i find it good car though i don't like its shape from behind but excellent Diseal engine and superb average and very nice AC

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Yes rsusan, with so many new auto companies competing in the Indian Automobile Sector, Maruti should double check its quality and price before launching new cars in the market. Maruti cars still sell like hot cakes in the Indian car industry but I think with other big auto giants like Toyota, Honda, etc. entering the Indian automotive market with entry level cars at competitive prices, Maruti's share will go down. Right now, car buyers in India have stopped the sheep race of buying from a very stable company and are keenly looking at other factors before deciding to buy a car of their dreams.

    • rsusan profile image

      Rika Susan 6 years ago from South Africa

      Looks like the Maruti Ritz is a fun car! Pity about the seat fabric. It always amazes me that the manufacturers can miss something so crucial in terms of long term durability. GOod review.