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Get People Dancing With the Right DJ Lighting

Updated on May 8, 2013

Anyone who goes out to clubs knows that the right DJ lighting can make or break the dancing experience. This is one of the most important things that club looks at before hiring a disc jockey because having a great light show enhances the music and gets people dancing. People who dance drink more because they get hot and thirsty. This means more money for the club owners who depend on drinking to pay their bills.

There are many different forms of DJ lighting that can be used in clubs and some are more expensive than others. A disc jockey can start with some simple can lights that can be attached to a light scaffolding to add some spot lights to the dance floor. These are great base to start with because they are not expensive and it is easy to change the gel colors for different color combinations. They can also be wired to a computer program to go with the beat of the music making it easy for the DJ to spin music without worrying about the lights.

Strobe lights add a great effect to the can lights and can be used during intense music moments. These lights give the dancers the feeling that they are moving in a robot manner simply by the way the lights play off their body. Adding a little smoke can really make the strobe effect stand out and when the strobes are used alone with the smoke it is a truly stunning spectacle.

Another form of lighting is a light ball that is hung in the center of the dance floor. This is a programmable ball that emits different patterns and colors on the floor of the dance area. The majority of this type of lighting is preprogrammed and the DJ simply chooses which set of sequences that they want to use for which songs. Switches are used to change up the lights. It is a very simple system and can be used in tandem with the can and strobe lights.

Finally, adding scanners to the lighting is a must even if they are a more costly than other types of lighting. These lights use a sound to movement construction and that means that they move to the beat of the music so the disc jockey does not have to switch them from sequence to sequence. These lights spin, zigzag and rotate while a small mirror inside the light structure shoots the beams onto the dance floor and dancers.

It is the disc jockey’s job to get people on the dance floor so they buy more drinks from the bar. Good DJ lighting is essential as it enhances the music and offers a visual that most cannot resist. If you want to be a successful disc jockey, then you need to invest in some good lights. There are many on the market and they come in a wide variety of styles and costs. The sky really is the limit when it comes to a light show that gets people moving.


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