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Difference Between Synthetic And Mineral Oil

Updated on January 1, 2018

Understanding your bike is basic knowledge that every biker must have. It comes in handy on long road trips when your bike breaks down. Or for whenever you’re having any sort of minor trouble with it. Even better, it gives you an increased feeling of ownership. You don’t feel reliant on a mechanic to ensure you have a smooth ride. One of the most basic things every biker must understand is engine oil. Engine oil is essential to a bike’s performance and functionality. Below is a beginner’s guide to various engine oil grades.

Mineral Oil

These oils were the first ones developed before engine oil-making technology came about. Mineral oil is made out of petroleum products and by-products. Mineral oils are actually the best type to be used in smaller capacity engines which do not put a lot of pressure on the oils. Mineral oils are also recommended for when you buy a new bike and it is still being run-in, this is because it helps protect the engine particularly well. The simple technology in these oils mean they require frequent changing, which can be frustrating.

Semi-Synthetic Oils

Semi-synthetic oils combine the best of both worlds as they retain the engine protection properties of mineral oil, and the bring in the technology of synthetic oil. Premium semi-synthetic oils such as Castrol POWER1 work extremely well the protect the engine as well as boost throttle response and engine smoothness. Personally, I use a Castrol POWER1 engine oil, and it has served me extremely well. I would recommend this too all bikers out there.

Fully Synthetic Oils

Fully synthetic oils are based on factory made oils. As a result they have no natural properties at all. These oils are known to last longer and have higher temperature tolerance. They are best for high stress environments such as racing and competition bikes. However, they are extremely expensive and can go for 3 times the price of mineral oil.

It’s difficult to say which is the best engine oil for bikes, but in my opinion, Castrol’s POWER1 is one of the best choices out there when it comes to performance and value for money.


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