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Always Be Careful Buying Discount Car Stereos

Updated on January 31, 2010

I would like to tell you a story about a friend of mine, who recently got screwed over because of a situation that he encountered while buying a discount car stereo. This friend (I'll call him Jeff) was looking for a new car stereo for his Honda Civic, and was shopping around for some different deals and such. Now normally, Jeff is a pretty shrewd guy when it comes to shopping and such. He can sniff out a good deal a mile away, and he can also sniff out a scam from a mile away. So imagine my surprise when Jeff told me that his discount car stereo had given out on him.

He was shopping around one Friday, when he met a guy who had some stereos for sale. He thought that the guy was offering some pretty sweet stereos for a pretty good price, but Jeff was still a little bit wary of buying anything for too good of a deal. After all, you can really lose some good money by chasing after some "good deals" that turn out to be not so great at all. Against his better judgment, Jeff went ahead and bought that discount car stereo. Now, I am not saying that all discount car stereos are bad. In fact, you can really find some good deals when shopping for discount car stereos through a reputable dealer, and through buying discount car stereos from respected and trusted websites on the internet. In fact, I only recommend buying discount car stereos from places that you are absolutely sure are legitimate websites. Getting back to Jeff's story, this is what he did wrong, as he will gladly tell you.

If Jeff had bought his discount car stereo from a store that he trusted, his stereo would not have broken down, and he would be happy with his purchase. The main lesson here is to find out the reputation of the person that you are buying the discount car stereo from. Jeff found out later that the person who he bought his stereo from has a very nasty reputation for doing exactly this sort of thing to paying customers. Of course, Jeff knowing this now doesn't help him at all, and he is still out the money that he payed for what he thought was a great deal on a discount car stereo. This is why you should always check out the reputation of the dealer before you buy your discount car stereo, and never after you buy your discount car stereo.

Hopefully this information will save you some hassle when it comes to buying a discount car stereo, and you won't have the same problems as my friend Jeff did when it comes to discuont car stereos.


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