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Drifting Crashes

Updated on May 10, 2009

Drifting... Crashing... They just go hand-in-hand!

Drifting is the newest form of motorsports to take the world by storm. It first popped up in Japan roughly 30 years ago, on the lonely and dangerously curvy mountain roads. What started as a small phenomena turned into what it is today - A massively funded, widely publicized form of car control that makes heroes of those who can control a car that most would consider out of control.

Due to the inherently risky nature of sliding cars around a tight, narrow course, crashing is common and expected. I've found some of the better drifting crash videos and put them all in one place, so that we may all tune in due to our morbid sense of curiosity!

A true drifting rollover!

 Rollover crashes are rare in drifting, as the cars are often not travelling at very high speeds, especially on narrower tracks.  This S14 Silvia manages to not only completely stuff up the corner, the driver also manages to roll his beloved car over.  A sad day for him, but it makes one hell of a good video!

S14 Silvia Drift Crash

A drifting crash compilation

 This video is pretty good for drifting crashes.  Namely because it's a compilation of a ton of different ones.  Some of which are pretty mundane.  A few are really worth the watch, however.  Who knew crashing could be so fun!


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