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Driving Lessons and You

Updated on August 24, 2009

Learning to drive a car

Here in the UK, there are usually a couple of reasons why you would choose to use a professional instructor for your driving lessons when preparing for the practical car test instead of going it alone with a friend or family member in a private car.

The first reason might be that you don't have a friend or family member with a car who has the time or patience to add you to their insurance and then accompany you as a provisional licence holder for the duration it will take to train you to the level required to be able to pass the test.

The second reason might be that you are not sure if your dad, mum, or friend has sufficient knowledge or ability to actually prepare you for the dsa test. While they might have passed their practical car test 3 years ago, the standards could have changed, and even if they haven't how much will they remember of what their driving instructor taught them all those years ago. Most importantly, will they be able to actually pass the test today if they went for it? If not, what business do they have teaching you how to drive, because you will still need a DSA ADI to get you up to the correct standard that will guarantee a pass.

The third reason why you might choose driving lessons with a qualified instructor in the UK, is probably because you want to do things the right way, and realised that this is the best way to prepare for the practical car test, especially since the ADI will have been trained to the DSA standard, can pass the current 'L' test and would have the latest up to date knowledge on what it takes to pass including how the examiners at the local test centre mark candidates.

Lessons with a qualified instructor

Illegal driving instructors

You need to make the right choice when selecting a driving instructor who will not only teach you to drive a car, but will get you to the standard that will enable you to pass the test and hopefully at your first attempt. The first thing you therefore need to do is make sure that your driving lessons are provided by a current DSA approved instructor (ADI), and you can do that by checking their green registration badge.

Don't make the mistake many UK learner drivers do by just going for cheap driving lessons, opting to use the person offering the lowest priced tuition, after all they will teach me how to drive and I'd be able to pass the driving test once I know how to control a car, can move from A to B, and have learnt the DSA required maneuvers! You couldn't be far from being wrong. If your instructor does not have a current green ADI badge, don't use them, no matter how cheap they might be, you are not only risking wasting money on lessons, but could be breaking the law and putting your life in danger if you are driving a pooly maintained car.

If you don't use a honest, knowledgeable instructor for your driving lessons, not only could you end up spending more in the long wrong getting to the standard required for the test, you might need many attempts to pass and get the full British licence. Many learner drivers would say they know if their instructor is giving them sub-standard service durring lessons, but in actual fact they haven't got a clue. Some of these people having been doing this for many years, and know how to get the most out of the cheap prices they are offering you.

London Driving School

Getting the best from driving lessons

To get the best out of your driving lessons, ask friends or family for recommendations, but this is only the first step. Having checked they are legally operating, using the DSA learners record, to make sure that all tuition covers the core skills required, don't be afraid to ask questions, especially about why you should do things a particular way, don't just accept because I say so, or you won't pass the test if you do it differently. There should be a reason, and any good instructor will be able to tell you why.

Don't tolerate sub-standard service, if your instructor is always late for lessons, you need to change instructors, nor should you accept shouting, sexual harrasment or racial comments. You are paying for a service, and if you don't like what you get, go somewhere else, don't allow the fear of finding someone else keep you enslaved to the wrong person.

At the end of each driving lesson, you should be able to pinpoint what you learnt, be it a new test maneuver, overcome a recoccuring driving fault, or built up confidence in driving on a dual carriage at 70mph.

Don't waste you money going on a joy ride with an instructor in the name of driving lessons, make sure you choose the right person who will teach you the right skills and develop driving habits that are at the dsa standard, giving you the best chance of impressing the examiner, earning you a pass and ontaining that full UK driving licence.


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      Great work. This is quality Article and you have really a did a great work to teach good points. :)