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Driving a Ferrari 458 Experience Day

Updated on November 24, 2010
Get to drive the latest Ferrari 458 with a driving day!
Get to drive the latest Ferrari 458 with a driving day!

Drive a Ferrari 458!

The latest "baby" V8 Ferrari is the critically acclaimed Ferrari 458. Already you can get to drive a Ferrari 458 on a track via an amazing driving experience day! This means you get a trash a 560BHP 4.5 litre V8 Ferrari around a track without worrying about the £170,000 buying price.

If you have not been on a driving experience day before, they are a great Christmas or Birthday gift. Most cars, especially drive a Ferrari days are available across the UK at famous race tracks such as Thruxton and Silverstone, as well as less well known arenas in local areas. Most of these driving days involve you driving several cars, normally starting with a hot hatch and then building up to the finale, in this case driving a Ferrari 458.

Prices and options for these Ferrari driving experiences?

The cost of these experiences depend on the how much driving you do as well as the car. For example, the Ferrari 458 being brand new is more expensive than most 360 Modena driving days for obvious reasons. However you can also get different levels of price due to the number of laps and even the number of cars you get to drive on the day.

One popular experience is Ferrari vs Lamborghini. In this you would do track familiarisation as a passenger, then you get to drive in a hot hatch, e.g. a Renaultsport Clio 200 (great fun) to get you used to driving at speed. On the more complete days you even get another step up where you dirve something even faster, and usually bigger like a Subaru Impreza STI. This not only gives you an extra car but allows you to feel the comparison of a 4WD car to a front wheel drive (FWD) when driving on a track.

The day would then finish with you getting to drive the two Italian supercars, in this example a Ferrari 458 and a Lamborghini Gallardo. You would get several laps (number depending on track location) driving each supercar at the limit you feel comfortable with. I like these comparison days as not only do you get to drive two fast supercars but driving them after one and other you appreciate two very different ways of going fast. The Ferrari with its race car sounding V8 and rear wheel drive, to the Lamborghini's high reeving V10 and 4WD. The direct comparison is a lot of fun and will give up much debate afterwards as to what you prefer. Other popular driving experiences like this are Porsche vs Aston Martin, and Porsche vs Ferrari.

You can get a Ferrari 458 driving experience from £59 but I would recommend the £115 package as you get much more track time. If you want a comparison experience like the Lamborghini vs Ferrari the start at about £125-150.

If buying for a gift to be honest it does not matter what you get. Anyone would love to take a Ferrari, whether a 458, F430, or 360 Modena around any track! It would be an unforgettable day for all involved and you cannot go wrong. If you are choosing for yourself, there are so many types available for whatever car and whatever budget you will definitely find something that perfectly fits your dream. So what are you waiting for grab those Ferrari keys and go experience the Prancing Horse where it is meant to, on a track!

Need some inspiration? Here are some video reviews of the Ferrari 458


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    • profile image

      THEDAVE 6 years ago

      I'm Australian, we have to pay thousands for the same experience over here. They ship 170K pound Ferrari to Australia and then they sell it for $675,000.00AU (500K pounds!) in a large part due to our government over taxing luxury cars! annoying!

    • happyturtle profile image

      happyturtle 7 years ago from UK

      It is incredible how cheaply you can drive a 458 for.