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Driving your car and Rocking out!

Updated on January 11, 2016
Driving your Car and Rocking out
Driving your Car and Rocking out | Source

Driving and Depression

Driving your car and Rocking Out

I may be the only one , but if your in your car driving and rocking out to some hard rock music, like Chevelle, or Slipnot do you find your speed getting a bit faster . It's the mentality of hearing hard driving rock and your in your car all by yourself and you slip in some Chevelle and just feel like your emotionally charged, well I do and I have not really noticed sometimes that its due to some type of dealing with depression at times, when I'm furious and angry i get a feeling of depression , like someone has wronged me one way or another. I know it all sounds a bit odd, but think about it, we all have to deal with depression , some they drink, some take drugs, non prescriptive kind, and some go off the deep end.I lost a friend or two to depression and it's heartbreaking for the family , and i have my own ways of dealing with depression. and it is playing really hard ,Metal like music on my guitar with headsets on in the recording studio I have.I can spend hours in my studio just rocking out and the time just flows by and that's constructive in dealing with depression ,I believe.

I have taken Psychology in college ,wanting to help kids with their issues, yet when I interned as a psychologist, I kept saying damn it's not the kid's fault look at the Mom,and Dad, so I bailed on becoming a psychologist and I have had deep bouts with dealing with depression for years as some do, and taking all sorts of medication for this condition and i use to drive and rock out in my car while upset and splinning my wheels at all stop signs and lights. The Medication never worked, I remember when Prozac first came out and it was in the 80s , It was kind of a Dr. feelgood medication that hit the news and radio as the best depression pill available to depressed person's. The Movie stars were eating them like peanuts and there were thousands of positives about the drug then came a death, then it died off,even though still prescribed, it did nothing for me, yet we are all different in metabolism. In theory people were told at the time of the Prozac introduction that it was like a high for them, they never felt better. Well, I have not heard much about it in the media anymore, maybe that also is banned ,I do not keep up with it, I take nothing for depression at this point in my life, and I will not,. The Anti-depressants made me more depressed, it was worse being on them and I was on different types for 15 years.

There comes a point in time in people's life where they have to think is this really going to help me with overcoming depression or is it something I am doing that is causing this mood. I discovered I was drinking too much at night and was depressed during the day until it was beer time at night , and then I was on my high with beer and maybe a joint . I went like this for many years,and know people still do. I nevre was driving and rocking out while drunk though after I was 19, I see people buying blunts to roll marijuana with almost daily when I go and get a coke, they are funny as hell also , like I don't know what the hell they are up too. They use to be called cigars and now the manufactures call them Blunts also, what a co-incidence.

Back to dealing with depression and driving, be careful on your mood swings , while your driving your car and rocking out and if it was from a recent fight with a girlfriend or boyfriend, turn the channel possibly to something more mellow, so you don't get that rush of energy, or do as you please, I just know from experience , that even if I'm not dealing with depression, I start getting a little buzzed by the thumping of the bass in my speakers and the guitars riffing about while I'm on the freeway going the speed limit or past it, at times. Hard music is great , I am not saying that you should stop, but take a break from the music at times, and get back to earth and pull over on long trips, and walk around the car, that's my biggest problem is not stopping unless I need gas or food, and even then I deprive myself sometimes because I like to get to where I am going.

Dealing with depression can be done with therapy , your own, if going home and turning up your stereo and throwing stuff around is it, go for it, just be careful of what and whom you through it at, you might end up locked up. In reality dealing with depression is curable, and you can live a fun and decent life driving your car and rocking out to your favorite music, but music has a profound mentality to it that strikes people in different ways. Right this moment I am listening to Chevelle, My favorite band and I am typing faster than I can think, so I will let you be for now, yet be responsible with your mentality. Depression can be cured and one can love again, and one can love another one, just because times are tough , make yourself tough and keep your spirits high. Think it ,feel it imagine it and you will be it, just think twice before driving your car and rocking out, and check your mood to make sure your mentally set to be driving at a period in your life where thoughts may be spinning in your head..

Christopher Hyer2.23.2011


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