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Eight Signs to Call an Automatic Transmission Expert for Repair

Updated on April 9, 2016

Automatic Transmission Repair

With the increased daily activities, most of us are always moving here and there to meet certain demands. Due to the many hours we use to move back and forth either going to work, home or doing other errands, we find ourselves always using vehicles.

This close association with cars has made us know the sound and the feel of our cars when something doesn’t seem right.

One of the problems we experience daily is with the automatic transmission. Whenever this problem occurs, there is always need for a repair.

Transmission of a car is a complex mechanical system that usually controls the input of power from the car’s engine to the driveshaft. Due the many moving and interacting parts built in, this section experiences much friction and heat which eventually causes wear and tear. Problems arising from this part should be repaired immediately. When you notice a problem, make an effort of looking for a profession to repair. Here is a list of eight most common problems that may require you to call an automatic transmission profession for repair.

1. Low Fluid Caused by Leakage

Leakage is one of the main problems that cause low fluid. This fluid is called, Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF), it acts as a hydraulic fluid. It transmits pressure from one end to the other hence causing body movement. When this fluid is not enough, it affects the function of the engine. If this problem is not repaired within time, it may bring other major problems in the engine. When you notice this leakage problem, take your car or truck immediately to a transmission repair shop. The professional will correct the problem efficiently.

2. Slipping off the Gears

Normally, a transmission stays in the selected gear until the computer automatically makes a shift. When you notice that the transmission is shifting spontaneously while driving, know that this is a serious problem that needs immediate attention. The cause of this problem may be due to breakage of the link holding the gears. In this case, an automatic repair profession should be alerted. The expert will fix the problem for you within a very short time.

3. Shaking or Grinding

Any normal car should run smoothly without any jerking or shake. It should also not take time to wiggle into gear. Instead, it should have smooth transitions. When the problem gets worse, it starts to shake more. When your car or truck starts showing these problems, it shows that something serious has happened to your transmission and should be repaired. An expert should be involved in this case to solve the issue.

4. Clunking, Humming and Whining

When your transmission is not okay, the car or truck will start producing funny, irritating sounds. They can be described as clunking, humming or whining, but the sounds vary. These sounds are pronounced when you shift your gears. This is an indication that your transmission has a problem and therefore should be repaired. It is advisable not to delay or think that you will repair when you are free. It should be a priority because the problem has a potential of causing huge problems. A transmission repair profession will correct the issue.

5. Warning Sign on Your Engine Light.

When you notice the alert sign indicating that there is a problem in the engine, do not ignore. What happens is that the sensors in the transmission are capable of detecting very small abnormal vibrations or jerks. They send signals to the computer, which then alerts you. The car should be taken to an automatic transmission profession for repair.

6. A Burning Smell

The main cause of burning smell is when the transmission fluid has become overheated. Transmission fluid assists in lubricating and cooling the engine parts. This prevents the engine from getting damaged and worn out. When the fluid gets too hot, it produces the burning smell. Immediate action should be taken to change the burnt fluid because it is not effective. A good transmission fluid has a bright red color, transparent medium and it possesses a syrupy consistency. When the fluid appears cloudy or brown in color, it indicates danger and therefore a repair should be done. In an auto transmission shop, a profession can easily change the fluid for you.

7. When the Gear Fails to Respond

When there is a problem with the transmission, you will try to shift the gear with no response. The problem may be with the shift cables that may have disoriented. The cables need adjustment for them to work normally again. In this case, there is need to stop by a transmission repair shop and let them adjust for you.

8. A Noisy Transmission

When the car or truck is neutral, and it produces a bumpy sound, it is an indication of a problem. The cause may be due to less fluid or worn out material. These materials can be the bearings, reverse idler gear, or the gear teeth. When they are worn out, they make the noise whenever there is a transmission. The solution to this is by filling the fluid again or repairing the worn out gears. Calling a profession is very prudent in this case, as your car will undergo inspection and the exact problem identified.

The outlined problems are tricky, as most of them require a prior inspection before the repair is done. Trying to repair alone may end up being a daunting effect for you. You may end up messing up with the other parts of the car or track. An automatic car is computerized, and therefore, it needs an expert who is well conversant with the computerization of the vehicle. Hiring a profession will save your time and ensure that your car remains in a good state even after repair.

How do you repair automatic transmission problems?

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