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Choosing an Electric Tricycle

Updated on September 27, 2011

Getting Around on an Electric Tricycle

Whether you want to get out and enjoy the fresh air, find an economical means of local transportation, or need to increase your activity level, an electric tricycle might be something you should consider. Being electrically powered, they cost only pennies to charge each day and emit no fumes or pollution.

Some of these trikes provide the power assist needed to make self transportation easier, while others are fully powered. They are perfect for short commutes and just cruising around the neighborhood. They can be economical, clean, and fun as well.

Learn more about electric trikes and see some of the popular options here.

Buying Tips

There are just a few things to consider before choosing your electric tricycle:

  • Style
    There are two styles of electric tricycles on this page. Some are a bicycle style which allows the user to pedal. They look very similar to traditional bicycles and tricycles; either upright or recumbent.

    The others are scooter style. These vehicles are fully powered and don't offer the option of pedaling.
  • Seating
    The majority of these trikes offer seating for one individual. Others offer seating for two. Obviously this allows you to take along a spouse, child, or someone else.
  • Range and Speed
    Certainly, the motor and batteries matter. Buyers need to consider how far they will want to take the trike between charges and how fast they will need to go. An electric tricycle may have a range of 20 miles or over 30 miles on a single charge. Because these vehicles are rather heavy, you probably wouldn't want to pedal them without motor assist for very far.

    Remember however, that range and speed can be influenced by rider weight, terrain, tire inflation, and so forth.
  • Storage
    If you really want your trike for practical purposes, you'll want to consider storage. If you'll be toting groceries, a simple cargo rack or lockbox won't be enough. Of course if you have valuables that you might leave unattended, locked storage under the seat or elsewhere will be important. You can add baskets later but you need to assure there is a secure place to put it first.
  • Size
    You'll want to assure that the trike will fit your frame. Many of these trikes are built for people no taller than 6 feet. Adjustable handlebars are ideal to assure you can ride in comfort. You'll also want to check the maximum weight capacity.
  • Safety
    Riding these tricycles on roads presents the same dangers as riding any bicycle or other vehicle. Having turn signals, brake lights, and review mirrors is a plus as far as safety.

Who Needs an Electric Tricycle?

Nearly anyone could enjoy an electric tricycle, however, they are particularly useful for:

  • Individuals with limited mobility or endurance
    These motorized tricycles are sturdy and stable. They allow riders to go distances they can't walk, without having to drive a car. They can help some individuals maintain their independence.
  • Individuals who want to save energy and cut costs
    These trikes cost pennies to charge and create no pollution. They emit no fumes. They allow you to commute to work, go to the store, and so forth without having to drive or pay for a bus or cab.
  • Individuals who would like to be more active
    Many of these electric tricycles allow the user to pedal or to pedal with motor assistance if they prefer. This will allow the individual to be much more active than if they rely totally on other forms motorized transportation. They are a good middle ground for many people; requiring less effort than traditional biking, but more than driving.*

Many individuals who can't ride a bicycle, can handle a tricycle. For this reason, they are a popular option for some people.

On the other hand, if you need transportation that will take you distances in excess of 30 miles or so, then these power assisted tricycles won't be for you. A three wheeled motorcycle would be more appropriate and give you much more speed on the road.

*It's also important to understand that pedaling one of these trikes without the motor assist can be hard work, thanks to the added weight of the motor/battery.


This adult sized electric tricycle is perfect for trips to the store and back. It has a 450Watt DC Earth magnet geared motor and SLA type 36-volt rechargeable battery. It has a top speed of 15mph and a maximum range of 30-35 miles per charge.

Riding is comfortable with the extra wide, comfort saddle. Carrying parcels is easy as well with the high capacity rear basket. This trike has a twist throttle, front and rear brakes, dual sided resin pedals, an alloy crankset, chain guard, 24" heavy duty alloy rims and full fenders.

The handlebars are adjustable and it's maximum weight capacity is 240lbs.

A Quick Look at the iZip Electric Tricycle

Extra Large Tricycle

This trike is designed for those who want or need a larger, sturdier vehicle. It has a maximum weight capacity of 500lbs. It also offers added comfort with a gel filled seat and softer grips on the handlebars. The adjustable handlebars assure that you can get the position you need and the wider, sturdier pedals add comfort as well as the security of knowing failure is unlikely.

This tricycle features a 450W DC Earth magnet motor, three 12-volt batteries, and has a top speed of 15mph.

EZ Rider

This tricycle is available in red, green, and blue. It features a 750Watt motor and 24-volt battery, giving it a 25 mile range per charge and a top speed of 12-15mph. This electric tricycle has a 7 speed transmission, front and rear lights, turn signals, brake light, rear view mirrors, removable rear storage case, and dual disc brakes.

Users can pedal, pedal with motor assist, or allow the motor to do all of the work. It even offers adjustable suspension, recumbent seating.

The EZ Rider Deuce model simply adds seating for two people so that you don't always have to travel alone!

eHandy Gadgets

This scooter-like vehicle is perfect for those with limited mobility or anyone wanting to take trips to the store without the hassle and expense of driving a car.

It has a 40 mile range per charge and a top speed of 15mph. It features a 500W motor and four 20 amp SLA-type batteries. It offers a variable speed control throttle, drum brakes, hydraulic shocks, and 16" x 2.5" tires. It even has a reverse gear, arm rests, a cargo rack, and additional storage under the seat.

This electric tricycle comes in black and silver or blue and silver. It has a maximum weight capacity of 350lbs and is perfect to use on sidewalks and in bike lanes. Wheelie bars and a tool kit can be included.


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    • KenWu profile image


      7 years ago from Malaysia

      This is the first time I read about electric tricycle. I thought only the normal two wheel exist in the electric version.

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 

      8 years ago from South Africa

      Very interesting indeed. I think many people could be helped with this information. You have done a lot of research here.

      Love and peace


    • PaperNotes profile image


      8 years ago

      Awesome. Since electricity has been invented many years ago, almost all things are now applied with electricity.No wonder most of us cannot live without electricity.

    • notepanya profile image


      8 years ago

      information, my friend. I never ride electric tricycle before and this is totally new for me. I really enjoy read this hub. I wish I could find this in my country. Thank you very much

    • prasetio30 profile image


      8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Good information, my friend. I never ride electric tricycle before and this is totally new for me. I really enjoy read this hub. I wish I could find this in my country. Thank you very much. ~prasetio

    • bayoulady profile image


      8 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

      I have lymphedema in both legs. I am supposed to walk, and also sit a lot.with feet up.Some days it hurts to walk.I wish I could afford an electric trike. Good sales hub! I am learning from you!

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 

      8 years ago from UK

      Thank you, thank you thank you!! You gave me all the information I wanted. I am extremely grateful to you :-))

    • sid_candid profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you mulberry1 for this excellent hub on tricycles. Its detailed, useful and to the point. Good job done.


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