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Cadillac Escalade Hybrid, More Bling for your Buck

Updated on April 3, 2013

History of Cadillac

Producing cars since 1902, Cadillac is an automotive manufacturer that produces cars known for engineering, luxury, and bling. Originating from a remnant of the Henry Ford Company after its dissolution, Cadillac donned its name from the 17th century French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, who founded Detroit in 1701.

From explorer to conqueror, 2009 has brought you the new "pimped out" Cadillac Escalade Hybrid. This car will dominate the car industry in style.

2007 Cadillac Commercial


Cadillac a leader with firsts.

In the history of automotive production Cadillac was in the lead with a lot of "firsts." In 1908 they produced the first car with truly interchangeable parts. Then in 1912, they were the first company to introduce and incorporate a successful electric starter, which replaced the hand crank starting device. In that same year they also introduced electric lighting for the vehicle. They were also the first car company to use the skills of a designer instead of an engineer, adding sleekness and style to the look of the car, making it look as good as it performed.

In 1926, Cadillac introduced shatter-resistant safety glass. Another first came in 1928 when they were the first company to design a fully-synchronized manual transmission which ultimately led to the development of the automatic transmission which was offered as an option four years later. This automatic transmission was first introduced in a luxury car by Cadillac in 1941. The first V8 engine was offered in 1914 again by Cadillac, following with years of engine improvement such as, the V-16 with hydraulic valve lifters, and the V-12. In 1948 the introduction of tailfins could be found on the Cadillac, and in the late 1960's a fiber-optic indication system which alerted the driver of a failed light bulb.

Escalade the car that brought "style" back to Cadillac

Although the Cadillac has always been known for its luxury and prestige, it was considered by most to be a car of more distinguished taste. This being the case, the Cadillac has had an appeal to an older clientele and has been seen as purely a car for the more established automotive veteran.

With the introduction of the Escalade that all changed. The Escalade has moved Cadillac into the area of "Bling Bling" cars...sporting the same Cadillac emblem of style, but now appealing to a younger audience.

Bob Dylan in His Escalade

Cadillac Pimpin' more bling for your buck.

Even though the Escalade was not the first luxury SUV on the market, it was the first SUV introduced by Cadillac. In its third generation it is still the best-selling full-size luxury car on the market today.

The appeal is found in the "over-the-top" attitude that goes along with the car and has produced image descriptions with such words as "bling" and "pimpin'."

Rappers have brought the Cadillac out of the older mindset to the younger generation with songs relating to "Rollin through yo' neighborhood, my Cadillac so clean", "Cadillac pimpin", and "put them Lamborghini doors on the Escalade, low pro so looking like am rollin' on blades."

Pure Style

Now That's Style and Economy

When you think of a Cadillac, with its logo and traditional emblems, you think of the top of the line, high quality, best luxury car for the money, but mostly just plain style, especially when it is "rollin' on double duces!"

Now that is pure "pimpin'" status!

New for 2009 the Escalade Hybrid

With the rise of gasoline prices the luxury SUV might not be so stylish after all. To keep up with the energy conscious consumers needs, Cadillac has recently introduced the Escalade hybrid, Caddillacs answer to the green car revolution.

The hybrid will be a two-mode hybrid that supplements the 6.0 liter v-8 power engine with power from two electric motors. When the car is running at lower speeds it can run on battery power only, the engine only, or a combination of both. At increased speeds, another operating mode engages the electric motors and the cylinder deactivation system which produces a more efficient system of operations. The benefit of this system will be seen in decreased harmful emissions, and increased fuel economy. In appearance the vehicle will look similar to the standard Escalade, with the exception of a few changes to the front bumper and grille. The hybrid is expected to go on sale in April of 2008.

2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

2013 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid


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    • I am DB Cooper profile image

      I am DB Cooper 

      9 years ago from Whereabouts unknown at this time

      Do you think Cadillac has priced this vehicle out of the market by making it cost close to six figures? I mean, how much better could the mpg really be compared to the regular Escalade? 15 mpg extra is only going to save a thousand or so dollars per year. That, and the performance is terrible compared to a sports SUV like a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

    • profile image

      Cadillac Parts 

      9 years ago

      Cadillac really started the renewal process for GM. If anyone is in the market for a new car be sure to test drive a CTS, they are really great cars that can compete with anything the foreign auto makers put out in the price range.

    • In The Doghouse profile imageAUTHOR

      In The Doghouse 

      11 years ago from California

      Check out the new HYBRID, tight!

    • In The Doghouse profile imageAUTHOR

      In The Doghouse 

      11 years ago from California

      Oh, I bet it was totally cool! It reminds me of an old movie, "Harold and Maude", in it they turned a Jaguar into a little hearse. Check out the movie, it is sooo funny, in a morbid sort of way.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Ha! You must have been reading my mind :) I just picked up a guy from a different funeral home and when I walked into their garage, I was amazed to see a Cadillac Escalade that had been converted into a hearse! Very cool.


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