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Factory Service Manuals for Your Vehicle's Maintenance

Updated on July 2, 2009

A factory service manual refers to a repair manual printed by Original Equipment Manufacturer, which gives suggestions concerning how to make a diagnosis, maintain as well as mend your car and the components of the car. Companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Honda release various manuals for each of their vehicle whereas vehicles from Nissan have a single manual covering all the models. The price ranges of each varies from around $50 to $100.

Information constituting the Factory service manuals

A factory service manual varies drastically from an aftermarket service manual. The first difference lies in the quantity of material offered. The factory service manuals characteristically offer useful as well as comprehensive charts of troubleshooting and varied diagrams that you will not be able to locate anywhere. Since these diagrams are designed by the manufacturing company itself, their accuracy cannot be doubted. They often comprise whole information regarding the specifications of torque for almost each and every bolt of a vehicle.

Eminent illustrations form factory service manuals

Another thing that will not escape your notice is the eminence of the illustrations. In a factory service manual the illustration tend to have a proportionate size in regard of the size of the paper on which it is made. They normally have consistent line weights right through the booklet. The illustrations as a result are at all times clean as well as crunchy and have a similar effect when photocopied. The effect is extremely pleasing even if you work with slimy hands. The illustrations in various other manuals is usually diminished or bloated, as a result of which it has different line weights and the quality is even poor. In detailed diagrams, the quality is of supreme importance and cannot be compromised.

Factory service manual serves better

Generally if you are gearing yourself to do anything apart from regular vehicle maintenance then you require factory service manual. The factory service manual is more convenient in usage, is equipped with more information and will render you with all the details used by the dealer to work on an automobile. New vehicles, mainly from the year after 1970 require a factory service manual for any repair work. But as far as the old vehicles are concerned they do not have any intricate service manuals and it is a tedious task to find the original factory manuals whatever the case may be.


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