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Faltering Economy Uncovers Auto Link Oregon in Crooked Deals

Updated on December 28, 2010
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Sunshine is a wife, mother of four, a relationship expert, a journalist, a photographer, a public speaker, and author.

In 2004, Byron David Edmonds, who goes by Dave and is the owner of Auto Link in Gresham, Oregon, was fined for not paying customers in a timely manner. Could this have been a sign of things to come? Both his Auto Body Shop on 818 East Powell Blvd, Gresham, OR, 97080, and his former auto dealership on 22221 SE Stark St, Gresham, OR 97030 have unsatisfactory ratings from the Better Business Bureau, which can be viewed at on the web.

Now, it would seem that he's sold his business to an unsuspecting 85-year-old woman, the mother of his former office manager who has no idea that she now owns Edmonds' dealership that is in so much hot water.

Auto Link was a consignment dealership, meaning that they charged customers to put their vehicles on Mr. Edmonds' lot for sale. After the vehicle is purchased, the dealership was then to pay the previous owner of the vehicle within a contracted amount of time. With the failing economy, it became more and more clear that customers were not getting paid for cars that were being driven by new owners, and they started coming forward.

If you drive by the dealership today, it appears that Mr. Edmonds is trying to erase its existance, yet the locked car lot is still full of customer's cars. If you look closer, the building is empty. Does Mr. Byron David Edmonds think that he can just dissaprear into thin air?

KATU channel 2 news investigator Thom Jensen broke the story that led to the ongoing investigation into the allegations of crooked business practices at Auto Link.

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    • radgirl profile image

      radgirl 8 years ago from Somewhere in outer space

      To jeprtww AKA Dave Edmonds:

      I didn't steal anything from you. You know what you did.

      To davesamoron:

      If he did anything to you, please, contact the Gresham police.

    • profile image

      jeprtww 8 years ago

      She forgets to mention how much money she stole from this company before she was fired. Funny how that works.

    • profile image

      Royce M. 8 years ago

      Crooks never succeed kids. Make this a lesson learned!

    • profile image

      A broke, car less now fool 9 years ago

      I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD CALL THAT SLEAZE BALL FLUNKY OF DAVE'S, Kevin Steiner, his #1 salesman and Sales Manager AND MAKE HIM PAY UP NOW!!!!five, zero, three, seven, two, nine, zero, zero, nine, four!OR ATfive, zero, three, four, nine, two, one, zero, zero, zero!!! Give us our Christmas Money now Thieves!!!

    • profile image

      alikin 9 years ago

      Known of this crook for a long time. Just wondered how long his crooked deals would take to get ahold of this schmuck!

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 9 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Great crook alert!