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Feeling Down? Go for a Ride!

Updated on May 13, 2019
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Metromain has been in traffic since 2010 and an active driving enthusiasts ever since. Mechanic since 2017.


Anybody can sometimes be stressed out or feeling down. And when you do, I recommend you to go for a ride. Doing so will force the mind to flush all the unnecessary thoughts. It doesn't matter if you are a gearhead or not, only if you enjoy driving.

Well, it may not cure depression or any other well rooted psychological problems, just the temporary stress that keeps you from thinking clear.

Select the proper car

I can't tell you if you have the wrong car for your need. Only you knows that. But I can run thru the different bodytypes quick just in case.

-Sedan = Comfortable people transport

-Wagon = Hauling goods

-Hatch = Best from both sedan and wagon

-SUV = Durable AWD wagon

-Pickup & truck = The vehicle for the worker

-Van = The megahauler, both people and goods

-Convertible = No roof

-Coupe = Sportier look, esthetics over comfort

Drive whatever floats you boat.

Tip. A manual transmission may seem difficult. It's not, trust me. And if you choose one, it will make you more engaged in the driving, forcing you to focus.

Select the proper music

Don't turn on the radio! You need to listen on YOUR music. Even if your only option for that is to have your cellphone laying in your lap blasting from blown-out speakers.

It doesn't matter if you have the most high-tech sound in town or have stolen your sisters boomblaster and having it laying in the backseat, you need to play your own music. And not the most upbeat EDM, but ether the slow easylistening for the cosy nights. The music that makes you relaxed is right, whatever it is.

Turn that tunes up. If you worries about judgemental peoples from the sidewalk, stop worrying. Your car, your tunes.

Select the proper road

Ah, the proper road. Go for a secluded countryroad. Ditch the city with their traffic lights and roundabout that messes with your flow. And not the straight and boring highway. The countryroad deep in the forrests is the way to go.

A turny road that engages you and occupys your mind forces the negative thoughts down the drain. And if you know you are alone on the road, feel free to push the road and your cars limit. Just make sure you don't endanger anyone or anything, and don't break any laws.

Select the proper time

Know your car. Know when it's happy.

In the slightly cooler dusks and dawns, more oxygen is in the air. Engines loves oxygen. It gives the car the opportunity to force more fuel in the cylinders. Hot days are great too. The heat keeps the engine temperature from falling. And the lonely nights are worth checking up too.

And there you have it. Next time you can't concentrate or feeling stressed out. Adjust the set, buckle up and start that engine. You are going for a ride.


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