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Ferrari 488 Spider: Technical Review

Updated on November 8, 2017
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Gaurav Verma is a creative an Automobile Engineer also a creative Technical writer.

Ferrari 488 spider costs around three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I can show you exactly why it's worth it. We'll start back here in the most obvious place the 488 engine has a turbocharged v8 that makes 670 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque, it does 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. It's monstrous but a lot of cars are fast. The 488 goes well beyond its performance. So today I'm going to give you a little tour of this car I'm going to show you all of its weird quirks and cool features.

Ferrari 488 Spider Specifications

  • Engine Displacement 3902 CC
  • No. of Gears 7-speed dual-clutch
  • Maximum Power 661 BHP @ 8000 RPM
  • Maximum Torque 760 NM @ 3000 RPM
  • Net Weight 1475 Kg

Ferrari 488 Spider
Ferrari 488 Spider

Ferrari 488 Spider: Cool Features

I'll start by pulling on the Ferrari 488 rather unusual door handles to open the door and the first thing you notice is something interesting about the steering wheel in this car. Everything is on the steering wheel and I mean everything, you want to put on the turn signal all you got to do push the turn signal button with your thumb, want to push the horn, again push it with your thumb, flash the lights, put on the wipers, even turn the car from sport mode to race mode to wet mode, you can control the suspension system from the steering wheel and you can even turn off and on the car once you get into this thing and you put your hand on the wheel you really never have to take it off but that's not the coolest part of the steering wheel.

The coolest part is the red LEDs on top that light up when it's time to upshift, there's something else I love about this car. You're sitting in the passenger seat of a normal car maybe you're wondering what gear are we in, how fast are we going. Well in the Ferrari 488 you don't have to wonder because the passenger side has its own screen right under the airbag that tells you all of the important information that the driver gets, an engage cluster and you can cycle through different views - like the current speed but also the maximum speed and the average speed your trip odometer and travel time and various performance level readouts but that's about the only fun you'll have as a passenger because everything else in this car is designed solely for the driver. The best example of this is in the middle where the infotainment screen isn't in the center it's in the gauge cluster. While the passenger has access to the climate controls even if stereo controls are tilted towards the driver.

Ferrari 488 Spider
Ferrari 488 Spider

My favorite feature about the 488 spider. Let's pretend you don't want to put the top down but you want to hear that glorious exhaust note. Well push a little button inside the car and window rolled down. That means from the inside the car you can still hear everything that's going on back without actually having the roof down and is a really cool idea.

Beyond the features, the Ferrari 488 is also worth so much because it's beautiful and I mean truly beautiful. Before the eight and its predecessor, the 458 are two of the most attractive cars ever made. Some of the closest modern cars to rolling works of art beauty is subjective and I know some people disagree with this but to me, this car is absolutely gorgeous.

The Ferrari 488 is an amazing car to drive but part of the fun comes from the ownership experience. Our whole you know experience. So it starts there and then, of course, the excitement of picking it up and every time you get it, every time you drive it, every time you kind of take somebody for a ride and you get to experience it and witness that kind of excitement through somebody else's eyes is really nice. So it isn't to you just the driving experience there's more to and you still get excited when you're on your ordering it and taking it out.

The 488 Spider is expensive but it delivers the whole package an amazing driving experience and amazing ownership experience, gorgeous styling and a lot of really cool features. It's hard to imagine paying three hundred and fifty thousand dollars for a car but if you're gonna do it this should be on your shortlist.

© 2017 Gaurav Verma


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