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Finding the Best Armrest Center Console for a 1991-93 Mercury Capri

Updated on February 20, 2011
On Ebay
On Ebay
In the car
In the car

This is a must have option, yet it is difficult to find one. 

Missing from the production model of the 1991-93 Mercury Capri model cars was a useful center console armrest that was also a storage compartment with cup holder. The 1994 model finally rectified the problem, but these are very hard to find. Having a center armrest between the two front seats also aids in climbing into the car. While there are tons of candidates that might work, usually they are too long, too wide and lack a cup holder for soft drinks. Because of the design, the handbrake comes into issue as well. Thus, any center console armrest must be no longer than 12 inches and no wider than six inches. It must also be able to fit over the existing console to avoid electrical modifications.

The best choice I have found is pictured. Made in Germany, available on Ebay from Florida, it is the perfect fit. Easy to install. No modifications. Looks great, has storage compartment and cup holder. The only thing is that you must install it so that cup holders face and pull out toward the dash and the opening of the compartment faces the rear seat. Installs in 15 minutes over the existing console.


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