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Ford Focus St is a Move in High Performance…at a Low Price

Updated on May 10, 2013

Ford Focus St

Ford Focus St
Ford Focus St | Source

What's New?

High performance meets everyday Joe in America later in 2012. That is as close a non-press release as can be stated for the 2013 Ford Focus St as can come about. Currently, the finishing touches are being made for a global presentation of this Ford Focus family automobile, with enough differences to make you wonder if it is a Focus class car. This Ford design promises to offer more muscle then preceding makes of the Focus name.

Insight of Ford Focus

Since this is a late release in 2012, certain numbers for specifics are yet to be revealed on this automobile. However, based on certain similarities on engine specifications, well-reasoned estimates are in order based on European models of this same car. The engine rated h.p. and torque on the Focus St coming out of European car dealerships is a 247/266 mark. Keeping in mind that Ford is doing a global release of this namesake in 2012, the reports are that the power of the U.S. model should be very close to its European cousin.

The inline 4 engine is made of an entirely aluminum build and promises to be environmentally friendlier then some of its V6 comparable. This automobile will not give up performance in the name of green according to the Ford Company. In fact, this new muscle version Focus may gain close to 31 or 32 m.p.g. on the highway; fuel economy and road strength make for nice bed-fellows.


A few notes about the engine are that this is a turbo-charged version and situated to increase torque, without undo revolutions of the crankshaft being increased. This 5-door wagon automobile is direct fuel injected and the transmission is standard in its models.


In test drives on the Ford Focus St, the front-wheel drive did not have wheel handling issues like many other front-wheel drive automobiles. In fact, the steering seemed to not change into an under steer scenario when more throttle was applied. Car dealerships may have to watch those that want to take this new Focus out on test drives and make sure the customer isn’t trying to replicate test track conditions for fun. As stated before this is a “high-performance” automobile, but looks family friendly.


The interior is not seeing to many changes from previous Focus models. One major difference is that it comes with Recaro style performance seats. When the consumer looks at the interior leather, they may think rally car; but again, this is made for everyday Joes to enjoy once it leaves the car dealership. Another point of positivism to this new automobile is in the sound dampening. Even though it’s rated to be a high performer on the road, many highway sounds will be greatly muted.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt; however, that when this car hits the American shore that the Ford Focus St will deliver on everything it is reported to promise. With an estimated sticker price of 25,000 dollars, this new automobile is sure to gather attention at many Ford car dealerships.


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