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GM Chevy Buick Olds Pontiac Cadillac Readiness Monitor Drive Cycle

Updated on August 7, 2011

Emissions Check

GM Drive Cycle

 This drive cycle will help you get ready for emissions after repairs or failure for monitors not ready. First thing to know is if you reset the your computer with a tool all monitors change to not ready. If you disconnect the battery all monitors change to not ready. If you have a weak battery the low voltage at startup can cause all monitors to change to not ready. If there is a pending malfunction that has not turned on the engine light the monitors will not get ready. If the engine runs too cold (below 170 degrees) the monitors will not get ready (replace thermostat). If the fuel gauge is busted (reads empty or full) the monitors will not get ready (replace fuel pump and sending unit). 

In order to get the monitors ready perform this drive cycle exactly: 

Observe all traffic laws at all times. 

Gas tank 1/2 

Cold engine (sat overnight 17 hours with key not turned on).

Start engine and idle for 9 minutes.

Drive 55mph without stopping for 12 minutes.

Pull off road and idle in drive for 2 minutes.  

Let vehicle sit for 17 hours with key off. 

1/2 tank fuel.

Start engine and idle for 2 minutes.

Drive 45mph for 16 minutes.

Pull over and idle in park for 2 minutes. 

Check readiness monitors with scan tool. 

This two day drive cycle will get all monitors ready if performed properly.

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