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Galetto 2 Hardware Id Serial Number - How to make your own

Updated on October 28, 2014
Galetto 2 by FGTech
Galetto 2 by FGTech

Lost your Serial or Reinstalled Windows?

If this is the case then rest assured that many people have done the same thing and now they are looking to solve their problem. The thing is that without the Serial you can no longer use the Galetto 2 tool and that isn`t a happy scenario because it surelt costed you a few hundred dollars.

The problem

Every time you reinstall your windows or want to use the software on another PC or Laptop, you will need to re-enter the Serial number based on a Hardware ID Key which changes.

This happened to me exactly before a customer called in wanting to remap his BMW 318 Diesel car. Having reinstalled my windows I didn`t even think there would be a problem and I just didn`t know what to do when I realized I couldn`t work on his car without the Serial. I bought my tool from eBay and I was sent the Serial through a message. Since then, eBay has erased all the old messages and I didn`t even know the user from which I bought the tool from.

I knew I had to do something because I couldn`t just throw away the tool and there had to be a way to solve this. I tried contacting other websites that sell the tool and explained my problem but non responded (maybe because the tool wasn`t purchased from them), so nothing worked.

Fiverr - The life saver

The solution came when I least expected by browsing around on Fiverr. I found a guy who will generate a Serial in just a few minutes if you provide him with your HW ID number.

I bought his gig and received the Serial number in under 10 minutes!

I was so excited I was even willing to pay more for the serial just to see the tool working again but $5 was a bargain. He also has an extra option and teaches you how to generate your own Serial Number and gives you the software for that. I also decided to take it so I won`t ever have to face the problem again.

I hope this helps anyone having the same problem, so here is the Fiverr GIG

UPDATE: The FIverr Gig is gone

Sadly I see that the Fiverr Gig is not available anymore but I will help you out.

Write me an email at and I will do my best to answer you right away


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