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Garage Car Stacker

Updated on June 12, 2011

For the most part, you won't see these in many homes. They're not only expensive, but just not very convenient.

In most cases, car stackers may be used by mechanics and those dealing with vehicles, but that doesn't mean that you can't find instructions and companies that are suited at turning your two car garage into a three or four car garage.

Most car stackers use hydrolic lifts, which can be quite expensive, but in terms of the question of safety... They are safe when used properly, constructed according to code, and when maintained accordingly.


The general price may range from $3000 and up, depending on what model, installer, and overall plan you choose.

Making the Purchase

Make sure that you find a reputable installer so that you don't go to your garage and find a squashed car, where the hydrolics failed and your stacker fell. (Although, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too much of a surprise that morning, as more than likely, you'd hear it when the contraption broke and fell.)

When choosing a contractor to turn your garage in to a multi-vehicle garage, using a car stacker, do the research. You don't want to rush into hiring the first person you find.

Ask questions. Contact professional car garages, to see if they can recommend someone. Have someone come look at what you're working with and figure out the best plan for you.

Consider the following sources as a place to start shopping:

You want to consider car stackers that have the following properties, or better:

  • Lifting capacity per platform at least 6000 pounds, which will hold SUV or small car
  • Operation hydraulic with manual override
  • Galvanized steel beds with standard steel members
  • Commercial grade and design for better quality and safety
  • Automatic shutoff if operator release key switch
  • Manual locks on the lower unit
  • Steel on steel locks to hold upper platform in place


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    • Right On Time profile image

      Right On Time 7 years ago from Australia

      Very useful, mlowell, thanks for publishing this hub. I must say I'm a little uneasy about it; the very thought of a squashed car! And I guess that is a probability but like you've said with the proper research I can ensure that I pick the right people to do it. It was something I was mulling for the future in case I can't afford more garage space. Thanks :) And have a great 2011.