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Gas Saving Tips-Update Oct 2, 2006

Updated on July 7, 2006

Note how the first truck bounces the air off and the one with the tail gate down traps the air

How to shed a few bucks at the pump...

Being that gas prices are soaring lately, people have been trying to find ways to save money at the pump. Some ways include putting their tale gate down on a truck, or keeping the windows up while driving. Well some are myth, and some are true, here are some tips to help you save a few bucks at the pump.

Steady and easy driving is a simple way to save on gas. When you take off too quickly your RPM goes up thus resulting on your engine working harder then needed. By accelerating smoothly and slow and easy, you engine doesn't work as hard and helps save on gas. When on the freeway, you should also drive at a steady speed of around 60 MPH. Yes I know, who drives 60 MPH, but doing so helps keep your engine running at normal operation. If you are driving a manual transmission vehicle then you should switch gears at lower speeds and try to get to your highest gear more quickly. By doing this your RPM lowers and so does the work that your engine does. So, keep it slow and steady, and keep those RPMs down.

Loose the junk in the trunk. If you have a bunch of random stuff in your trunk or just in the back seat, all the weight can add up and make it harder for your car to run. Although it can be very slight, it is just still more weight that your car has to lug around. So get rid of those beer cans and boxes. It's an easy way to boost your MPG and also helps keep your car clean.

Keeping up on your maintenance is a one way to keep your car running right and helps boost your MPG by keeping your engine clean. By replacing Air and fuel filters when needed and keeping your fluids clean and at the proper level. You help keep your car running efficient.

Avoid sitting at idle for no reason. People argue that it takes more to start up your car then to just leave it in idle. That can be true, but in most situation it's better to just turn off your car.

Ok so there are the normal ways to lose a few bucks at the pump, but here are my super secret ways that I am sharing for the first time.

Ok, so you're driving down a hill or you're coming up to a stop light or sign and you are just coasting not using the gas. Well, did you know that if you put your car into neutral while coasting, it actually lowers your RPM a lot and you still go at the same speed as if you were in drive while coasting. So that is one secret way, I often do it when going down hills. Remember lowering your RPM is the key to lowering your engine work and thus higher MPG and less at the pump.

Another little trick I have thought of is that you shouldn't fill up your tank all the way because it adds more weight to your car then if you just fill it up 1/4 or so. It's sort of the junk in the trunk thing that less weight means your car doesn't have to work as hard to move. This can be hit or miss though because if you have to fill up more and that sometimes mean a big spike in the gas prices. But if everyone did this, it would help a lot because if people don't fill up then that means that companies will lower the price of gas because they want to get rid of it. Simple supply and demand, if people aren't demanding as much then prices go down. So keep that in mind, it could be the next movement.

Ok so you've heard that keeping your windows up helps keep gas. That is true and also false, just depends on the situation. When driving around in the city and pretty normal speeds around 30-40 in stop and go traffic, then you should keep your windows down to keep cool. There isn't enough wind drag to really make a difference in MPG. Although if you are on the freeway you should roll up the windows and turn on the AC. Although the AC makes your engine work more, if you have the windows down the speed at which you are going will create too much wind drag. So remember, on the streets just roll them down, on the freeway just pop on the AC.


Ok so i just remembered the best place to buy gas. The cheapest place to buy gas is AMPM, although they charge you to use your ATM, if you pump enough gas it still is cheaper. Also, if you go to the bank before hand and get 40 bucks or so and then go to AMPM you don't have to worry about the ATM charge and you still get 5-10 cents lower price on gas.

The myth about keeping your tail gate down on a truck to lower the wind drag is false. There isn't enough area to really create wind drag.

So, there you have it, I probably will update later on with new techniques but right now i can't think of more. Feel free to post your ideas and check back on how to save at the pump. Also check our my other automotive hubs below.


Ok so i just have come up with some shocking new information. A long known myth is that if you put your tail gate down on a truck, then you'll get better MPG because it creates less drag. Well this myth has been proven wrong and actually the opposite. A scientific study has been done where two of the same trucks driving at the same speeds with the same amount of gas drove till they ran out of gas and the truck with the tail gate down ran out of gas first, and here's why.

The truck with the tail gate up is driving along and the wind going over the truck gets caught in the bed of the truck and makes a circular like vortex within the truck bed. The wind then goes over the top of the truck and uses that small vortex and a little bumper and also an accellerator and clears the truck more effieciently. The truck with the tail gate down doesn't creat that small vortex bumper of air and the air going over actually hits the bed and gets stuck there and creates drag lowering the MPG of the truck. I drew up a sweet pic if you still don't get it.

So there you have it, drive with the tail gate up, not down


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    • Misha profile image

      Misha 10 years ago from DC Area

      Another no-nonsence hub from you! Great job!