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Women Behaving Badly With Cars; Hot Girls Driving in Heels

Updated on April 7, 2012

Wicked Women at the Wheel

Welcome to my series on Women Behaving Badly. So far we’ve naughtily chomped our way, licking luscious lips, through chocolate and shamelessly lusted after bright, shiny shoes with big heels. This time we explore Cars and the wicked side of women behind the wheel.

First, let me admit that girls are not generally as badly behaved as men where cars are concerned. While we girls find shoes or chocolate sexy, for men it is the car that is the big turn on.

Their car typically represents their manhood and their libido. And notice how fixated they are on how quickly a car can go from 0 to 60 mph, regardless of any national speed limit plus any other statistics that prove the superiority of their chosen pair of wheels.

Unfortunately, if you Google Girl and Car, you won't find many nice, girlie, small cars with child seats and boots/trunks loaded up with shopping. What you will get is a bevy of bikini-clad babes draped over bonnets or hoods and even the roofs of vehicles that are built with men in mind, the racetrack and not for high street shopping!

Men, Cars and Bikini Babes

Men have effectively captured these two keywords and reduced women drivers to sex objects.

The girls pictured are invariably drained of any personality and drapped seductively across a boys-toy motor like fish on a slab.

Worse still are the pictures of bikini-clad morons who don’t even attempt to present the car to the viewer but are reduced to washing the car and each other with tons of soapy water.

Enough of men and their warped, perverted perspective on the automobile. For most women the car is a convenient way to get from A to B so they can shop or socialise.

Girlie Car Cluttered with Girlie Stuff
Girlie Car Cluttered with Girlie Stuff
Typical Girlie Rear Window Sticker
Typical Girlie Rear Window Sticker

Car a Bedroom Extension?

For some women, however, the car becomes an extension of their bedroom. No I don’t mean they sleep in it or make out in it but they do decorate it with girlie stickers, cuddly toys and anything else that feminises it and creates a girl-friendly space.

When girls choose a car, it is colour that usually matters rather than performance. Ladies tend to like small cars that are easy to park but they also like cars that are high off the ground so they can see better. Finally they like a big boot or trunk so they can fit all the shopping in.

Girls are not really interested in what goes under the hood or where the spare tyre or jack lives. This can be a disadvantage when smoke or steam appears from the engine compartment or a tyre goes flat.

Liberated girls just get out, put on overalls (stored in the back with the tools) and fix it. Unfortunately, most of us just stand by the car looking helpless and wait for a man to appear.

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Looking Hot yet Confused is a great Way to Get Your Car Fixed. (By a Passing man!)
Looking Hot yet Confused is a great Way to Get Your Car Fixed. (By a Passing man!)
Makeup at the Wheel is Bad!
Makeup at the Wheel is Bad!

Better Look Hot if You Want a Free Wheel Change

At this point it helps to look attractive or, better still, smoking hot. This is where shorts and heels or a low-cut top are of particular value.

I once had a puncture not far from home and, because I hadn’t any makeup on and was dressed like a scarecrow, no one stopped to help.

I therefore abandoned the car, caught a bus home, put on makeup, short skirt, tight blouse and heels and returned to the car looking really hopeless.

Finally I threw myself theatrically across the bonnet and started to sob. Within minutes several men and boys were busy changing the wheel.

I realised afterwards that it would have been far easier to do the job myself so I’m now a reformed character and have found out how to change a wheel and keep my tools at the ready in the back.

Makeup at the Wheel

Another typical example of women behaving badly in cars is makeup. I’ve actually seen a women trying to apply lipstick while driving along a busy High Street.

This is the exception, I admit. Most of us wait until we stop at the lights before we open our handbags and apply some lippy.

If you are anything like me, then I bet you give the driving mirror a quick twist so you can see your face. But isn’t it annoying when the light goes green and the bloke behind honks his horn and you’re left driving off with your face only half done and the mirror in the wrong position?

Driving in Heels is Bad!
Driving in Heels is Bad!
Girl Behaving Badly with Cars?
Girl Behaving Badly with Cars?

Driving in Heels

The other girlie sin when driving is wearing fabulous heels. Yes they look great on the streets but please don’t drive in them!

Now I know as well as any of you that I should keep some sensible shoes in the car for driving.

But surely we’ve all dashed out of the house at least once, half an our late for a date or a get together, and find ourselves driving at speed in those lovely heels.

Fortunately driving in heels or putting make up on at the wheel isn’t strictly against the law, unlike using a mobile while driving!

But Girls are Better Drivers!

Having said all this, women are much more sensible about cars and car ownership and they have a much better safety record than their male counterparts.

So girls, if you’re buying car insurance then look out of for special rates for ladies. Check out special car insurance deals for women and companies than specialise in women drivers.

Finally, I find one benefit of being a girl driver is that if you drive a guy on a date then you needn’t feel too guilty about letting him pick up the tab for the meal.

Also when he tries to get you back to his place for ‘coffee’ if you’re not interested you can drop him off at the end of his road and sweetly wave goodbye!

Don’t forget to look out for more Women Behaving Badly from Gina!

Bad Women Drivers Poll

What is the Worst Sin a Woman can Commit Whilst Behind the Wheel?

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Women Behaving Badly - A Series of essays by Gina Coole
Women Behaving Badly - A Series of essays by Gina Coole

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