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Godzilla In the 2014 Ford Fiesta

Updated on June 4, 2014

A fiesta is a party, a fun time, a time to celebrate, so the name of this iconic small Ford, finally has lived up to its name. In years past, the Ford Fiesta was a not a small wonder. It was a pathetic little, under powered car. It seems Ford thought "Godzilla" when it revamped the 2014 model. Fiesta is Ford's best selling car across Europe elsewhere with production numbers at over 735,000 in 2013. It is built in seven countries, has seven engine options and four body styles. It is sold in 151 countries. In America, it is not the hottest Ford car selling due to its small size.

The reason this little beast is making headlines in the autoworld and has GM green with jealousy is Ford created a real three cylinder, 1-liter engine. But, you have to buy this engine option- a turbo charged for additional $1000. It is available on certain models like the SFE. Ford calls turbo "EcoBoost". The difference between this and the non-turbo is like night and day, or a turtle to a cheetah. But, the amount of power it creates is not the only Godzilla moment for it, it gets the MPG like a VW 1,9L diesel- 45 mpg on the highway.

The small three cylinder engine is actually the size of a shoebox and produces 123 hp to propel this 2500 lb car. It can do 0-60 mph in eight seconds. Per liter of engine, the Fiesta is equal to Porsche 911 and the Ferrari 458 (both produce 125 hp\liter). The engine block is just 8.5 x 11 inches! The distance between the cylinder bores is a mere 6.1 mm. It produces 125 lb-ft at 4500 rpm and can produce 148 lb-ft for 15 seconds. Even in low gears, the car zooms.

This option will be available in the USA together with a 5 or 6-speed transmission. While the three cylinder is very popular in Europe (hundreds of thousands have been made), they are new for the US market. The Fiesta SFE sells for $18,500. In other ways, it is a small car with much utility and decently comfortable.

Ford has pared the best of all worlds- a car with utility, a car that is Godzilla in engine power that sips gas. They have a winner!


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