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Great Day ATV UTV Hunting Accessories

Updated on January 21, 2011

Great Day Inc ATV UTV Accessories

 Great Day Inc, is a small, American manufacturer located in Tallulah, Louisiana. They offer a unique, dependable, functional product line of aftermarket accessories at an affordable price point, that helps you get the most out of your atv/utv/golf-cart or other off-road vehicle.

4x4 UTV Accessories is an authorized Great Day Inc. dealer, carrying the entire Great Day product line at the most competitive prices available. Our team of experts are happy to help you find the perfect Great Day accessory for your vehicle.

Visit or call 941-484-9909 for more details about the great selection of Great Day ATV / UTV Accessories available today for immediate delivery and installation.

ATV Accessories

ATV, whether it is the popular conventional 4-wheeler, the "customized" golf cart or the new "little truck" style utility vehicle, is one of the most useful tools on the planet.  Unlike automobiles and pickup trucks, ATV's and utility vehicles can be custom "enhanced" to be much more than off-road transportation.  Great Day specializes in offering just the right selection of add-on accessories to meet any need and help with an infinite number of chores and recreational activities.

You can look to Great Day for ATV and utility vehicle accessories that go beyond most manufacturer' imagination.  The secret to our approach to ATV and utility vehicle accessories at Great Day - we use ATV's and utility vehicles regularly, we know your needs, and we know that with a little ingenuity, an ATV or utility vehicle can do wonders.

Many of our products are either patented or being patented.  Some are simply better versions of accessories with which other manufacturers failed to capture the desired qualities or functional aspects.

Our goal is to continue moving with the changing market and offering new accessories that will make life a little easier and more pleasant when you are using ATV's.


UTV Accessories

Now days, owning a Utility Vehicle requires quite an investment.  A few well chosen accessories can make that investment worthwhile - make the machine more comfortable, more convenient and, especially, more functional.

Great Day offers a selection of unique "Add-On's" that will enhance your UTV's usefulness and performance in every way - whether you are just enjoying a ride, working around the farm or in the woods in search of a trophy buck.

Check out our patented, "one-of-a-kind" accessories that you won't find anywhere else-the Rumble Seats, The PowerLoader, The Power-Rider Gun Rack & Bow Carrier, The Power-Rider Tree stand and Tool Carrier, The Quick-Draw Gun Rack, The Plot Pro and Biologic SprayMaxx Spraying Systems.  These products don't just look good and get the job done-they add the most important ingredient to owning a UTV - FUN!


Custom Cart Accessories

Today's hunters get extremely creative when it comes to their off-road hunting vehicles.  Recently, customized golf carts and hybrid golf-type carts have become favorites, if not the preferred hunting vehicles.  Especially, with the battery powered models, silent travel in and around hunting areas can be a real plus.  However, stealth is not the only great thing about "custom carts" - consider the superior comfort, convenience and smooth ride.

Great Day is the leader in the development of accessories that transform regular golf carts into hunting "machines" - accessories for transporting all kinds of hunting gear, guns, bows, etc. - even trophy game.

In other words, we take customized carts to their full potential

Bad Boy Buggy Accessories

Bad Boy Buggy Hi Rider Gun Rack

The Bad Boy just got "Badder"! The Hi-Rider Gun Rack solves the problem of transporting your guns in a Bad Boy Cart. The Hi-Rider mounts in the center of the underside of the Bad Boy top and conveniently places two guns in perfect position for maximum protection and quick access

The Hi-Rider attaches to the front and rear cart top frame with regular tools. The guns are held securely in two sets of cushioned cradles, locked in place with Velcro straps and protected from the elements and stress of traveling over rough terrain.

Bad Boy Buggy Hitch-N-Ride

The Hitch-N-Ride is constructed of air-craft aluminum and has the strength to handle loads up to 400 lbs. Carry ice chests, hunting and camping equipment, firewood, tools, sacks of feed or seed—you name it—this is the handiest piece of equipment you could ever add to your Bad Boy Buggy!

Bad Boy Buggy Power Loader

The PowerLoader is the only loading and transporting device available to make the Bad Boy a true hunting vehicle. Getting to and from a hunting location is important, but having a means of handling a trophy animal is a must! With the Power Loader in place, you can easily load bales of hay, logs, feed, or your trophy catch without anyone's help!

Loadlite Loading Ramps

The Bi-Fold Lite - Model # LL42717

An affordable, all-purpose ramp that is feather-light but tough as nails featuring aircraft aluminum construction, tie-downs and soft plastic holding finger covers to protect your truck bed.

42" x 71" open 21" x 71" x 4.5" folded

Rungs/Panel: 10 Rung Length: 19" Rung Spacing: 7"

Weight: 19 lbs. Capacity: 1250 lbs.

The Bi-Fold HD - Model # LL46717

The HD Ramp was designed to handle a wide range of larger four wheelers and lawnmowers.

46" x 71" open 23" x 71" x 4.5" folded

Rungs/Panel: 10

Rung Length: 21"

Rung Spacing: 7"

Weight: 20 lbs.

Capacity: 1250 lbs

The Bi-Fold Wide - Model # LL48697

Our widest bi-fold ramp designed specifically for larger ATV's with a 48" width, providing room to spare with most models of four wheelers.

48" x 69" open 24" x 69" x 4.5" folded

Rungs/Panel: 9

Rung Length: 22"

Rung Spacing: 7"

Weight: 20 lbs.

Capacity: 1250 lbs.

The Bi-Fold HD5 - Model # LL46715

The “workhorse” of our bi-fold ramp line, this ramp will handle all ATV’s or lawnmowers (even those with small wheels). The most versatile, economic bi-fold ramp on the market.

46" x 71" open 23" x 71" x 4.5" folded

Rungs/Panel: 12

Rung Length: 21"

Rung Spacing: 5"

Weight: 21 lbs.

Capacity: 1500 lbs.


Big Top Canopies

Universal Zero-Turn Lawnmower Canopy - Model # LNP1012

Great Day's Big-Top Canopy provides much-needed shade while you work in the yard. No more worrying about heat strokes and skin cancer. The Big-Top canopy measures 34" wide and 46" long - covering and shading the operator at all times.

The Big-Top canopy fits all zero-turn riding lawnmowers with roll bars and installs with minimum drilling or use of special tools. The frame is constructed of 1-1/2 inch, aircraft aluminum and adjusts for back or forward leaning roll bars.

The canopy is made of heavy-duty 1/8 inch, UV resistant, crack-proof polyethylene and weighs only 27 lbs. All metal components are powder coated for years of dependable service.

Fits Ferris, Scag and all other models with roll bars.

Universal Tractor Canopy - Model # TAP1000

Don't let the heat or a rain shower stop you from getting the job done efficiently and comfortably. Enjoy protection from the sun, heat and rain with the Big-Top Tractor Canopy.

The Big-Top Tractor Canopy provides more than just comfort by protecting you from hours of exposure to dangerous UV rays and the risk heat exhaustion.

The Big-Top Canopy weighs only 24 lbs and requires no special tools. The vertical structures adjust in height, width and roll-bar angle to fit most category 1 tractors. The UV-resistant top is constructed of 1/4" inch polyethylene and measures 34" wide and 46" long. Metal frame is constructed of aircraft aluminum and powder-coated for years of dependable service.

Fits John Deere, New Holland, Kubota, Ford and all popular brands of Category 1 Tractors with roll bars.

Spraying Equipment

Plot Pro Spraying Systems

The Plot Pro Spraying System is a revolutionary solution to small-scale spraying—ideal for use around the farm, ranch, business, home or recreational area. The Plot Pro units are designed to conveniently strap to ATV racks or mount to the cargo beds of UTVs or trucks.

The Plot Pro is a complete system---includes corrosion-proof polyethylene tank, a choice of 1.8 or 2.8 gpm ShurFlo pumps, the amazing Boominator boomless spray tip and a sturdy metal, adjustable handwand. The single boomless tip delivers coverage up to 25’ wide—eliminating the need for awkward booms that are difficult to maneuver in close areas.

Great Day offers Plot Pro systems with 15, 25 or 40 gallon tank sizes and different hardware kits provide hitch receiver mounting on some vehicles.

Made with pride in the USA!


Ideal for the farm, home or hunting location, the SuperSpot sprayers are available in 15, 25 and 40 gallon models. All sprayers are designed to conveniently strap to ATV rear racks or UTV beds without the need of hardware or wrenches. Tanks are corrosion-proof polyethylene and come equipped with a 12-volt 60 PSI or 45 PSI pump.

A hand-wand spray nozzle with 6 feet of hose, splash-proof vented lid, a toggle cut-off switch, large 15" fill well and a drain valve come standard on all models.

The SuperSpot hand-wand can be set to deliver a fine mist for delicate, controlled applications or adjusted to reaches of 25 ft.

Available Models:

SS15 • 15 Gallon Sprayer Unit 1.8 GPM

SS25 • 25 Gallon Sprayer Unit 1.8 GPM

SS2545 • 25 Gallon Sprayer Unit 2.8 GPM

SS4060 • 40 Gallon Sprayer Unit 1.8 GPM

SS4045 • 40 Gallon Sprayer Unit 2.8 GPM


One of the unique aspects of small scale spraying is that every spraying job is different. Great Day allows you to mix and match components to create your own one-of-a-kind sprayer to perfectly meet your needs.

Add one of Great Day's boomless tip assemblies to a regular sprayer and transform it into a "juiced up" spraying machine. Add a few feet of hose to your hand wand sprayer and get to those hard-to-reach places - add a remote control to your old sprayer and get a new dimension of control and convenience on spraying!

Whether it is for preventive maintenance, upgrading or building a sprayer from scratch, Great Day is your one-stop source for sprayer parts. Let your imagination be your guide!

Military & Police Tactical Equipment

Quick-Draw Tactical Gun Rack - QD800LE

"Perfect for the Patrol Car"

Quick and simple access to a firearm is a must for those who work in law enforcement or in military service---their lives literally depend on it. In the face of a dangerous encounter, seconds count---high-tech, complicated equipment can be costly. Great Day’s QD800LE Quick-Draw Gun Rack is the simplest, most efficient firearm holding system ever for use in either patrol cars, SUVs or vans.

The QD800LE mounts upright in patrol cars or trucks—on the floor or onto the back of the console. It can be adjusted to the preferred angle and custom-positioned to the height of the user. The cushioned, moldable holding cradles hold two firearms--- ready for release and use with the pull of a Velcro tab. For SUV’s or vans, the QD800LE Quick-Draw Rack can be mounted horizontally behind the front seat or inside the rear hatch door.

The Quick-Draw Gun Rack frame is made of aircraft aluminum and is finished with black, powder-coat enamel. The QD800LE includes soft, foam cushions to protect the firearm butt-plate during transport. It comes complete with all mounting hardware and installs quickly and easily with a minimum of drilling.

Spando-Flage® - Tactical Patterns

Introducing Tactical Spando-Flage® in ACU Digital Camo

Spando-Flage headnets, facemasks and gloves have been popular for a long time in the military and hunting markets. Now, Spando-Flage is available in the ACU pattern to complement the thousands of ACU uniforms being worn by our service people. No form of camo accessories compare to the amazing Spando-Flage---check out these features:

Stretches to an unbelievable 10-to-1 ratio.

Cool in warm temperatures and toasty warm on chilly mornings.

Washable and always returns to original shape.

Perfect for preventing fogging when wearing glasses.

Provides total concealment---covers the most recognizable human aspects---the face and hands.

Spando-Hands Tactical Gloves - Model SF306 ACU

Spando-Hands provide warmth, feel and camouflage. The rugged knit texture is thin enough for sensitive feel, yet thick enough to warm the chill of a frosty morning. Spando-Hands weigh less than an ounce and can be stored so compactly that an extra pair can be easily carried in a pocket.

The Spando-Hands come in all the popular Spando-Flage® colors. Spando-Hands can and should be washed often to eliminate human scent. Washing does not cause shrinking or fading.

Spando-Flage® - Tactical Swat Black

Black has always been one of the best colors for concealment because it blends well with shadows and dark places, especially effective in the dark of night. Our Spando-Flage tactical headnets, facemasks and gloves provide complete concealment instead of leaving the most critical, tell-tale parts uncovered---the face and hands!

Model #'s in SWAT Black

Allusion Headnet SF301B

Shortcut Facemask SF315B

Spando-Hands Gripper SF305B

Spando-Hands SF306B

Hunting Accessories


Lawn & Garden Accessories


Marine & Watersports Accessories


Truck SUV & Auto Accessories


Make A Great Day Purchase Now

4x4 UTV Accessories is a leading authorized dealer offering the complete line of Great Day Inc accessories.

Visit or call 941-484-9909 7 Days / Week

Great Day Inc Tallulah, La


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