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Greatest Biking Distance in 24 Hours

Updated on January 7, 2018

On a bike, nobody asks “are we there yet?”, and that truly seemed to be the case for Carl Reese. Reese set an astonishing world record on 25th February 2017, biking 3410 km in 24 hours. He set the record at the Continental Tire Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas. Lapping the 8.5 mile track over 1000 times! Carl Reese lays testament to the claim that biking is not an adventure, it’s a way of life.

Carl Reese, a 48-year-old man from Pennsylvania, America, spends his days as a general contractor, doing house repairs and construction for people. However, when it comes to biking, Reese’s life is all about challenging the limits. On his way to the world record he rode at an average speed of around 144 kilometers per hour, and peaking at 227kmph, Reese smashed the previous record by 150km. Part of the successful feat lies behind the use of some of the best bike oils. It is believed that Reese used an endurance specific engine oil such as Castrol POWER1 cruise.

Close to 23 hours into the ride, Reese was forbidden by his mechanics to continue after inspecting his worn-out tires. Regular bike and oil check ups were part of the feat, even coffee breaks too! The usage of synthetic engine oils prevented his engine from overheating. With instant acceleration lying a twist of a wrist away, Reese showed no signs of letting up. Immediate acceleration can be attributed to quality bike oils, in India Castrol’s POWER1 range appears to specialize in this. In the endurance biking range, one can use some of the oils produced by Castrol.

One would probably sleep for days after this record with a huge smile on his face, however, Reese was left a bit disappointed. He had hoped to do 4500km in 24 hours! What’s more, he only slept for 4 hours after setting the record before driving another 17 hours back home to LA. Reese claims the inspiration behind his feat comes from bringing awareness to the ‘Motorcycle Relief Project’, which works towards bettering the lives of war veterans. Born to ride, for Carl Reese the road is unending, as far as his vision goes.


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      12 months ago

      This makes an extremely interesting read, i'm pretty sure that none of us need to ride for such long hours, but just a friendly heads up if you do a lot of riding you should only be using Castrol POWER1 as it helps take great care of your bikes engine and it combats the most readily faced biking issue that is engine overheating.

      Learn more through the link:


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